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Cardiology services at The London Clinic

The London Clinic provides a number of procedures to assess the health of your heart.  Our diagnostic services facility at 5 Devonshire Place offers a range of heart investigations, helping your cardiologist to develop a treatment programme tailored to your needs.

Heart symptoms and conditions which we can assist with include:

Specialist heart services

Cardiac Imaging

We offer a comprehensive, multi-modality service under one roof. Our purpose-built stress echocardiography laboratory permits a daily, consultant-led service.


Our Cardio-Oncology service plays a key role in preventing the development of complications and manging them if they occur.

Check your heart

The London Clinic Heart Check is available from participating consultants upon enquiry.

This package includes a first consultation, plus:

  • Resting ECG
  • Urea & Electrolytes
  • Lipid profile Full blood count (FBC).

​The cost for this check is £585.

Make an enquiry

A close-up of a healthcare professional's hand checking a patient's heart

Tests and investigations

The following cardiac investigations are available at The London Clinic.  All of these tests can establish the health of the heart and can detect potential problems.

Cardiology Conditions and Treatments 

The London Clinic's cardiologists can investigate conditions such as chest pain.

Patients with cardiology conditions are able to receive a number of cutting-edge treatments and tests within the hospital.

Use the adjacent tool to find your condition, or the treatment you require.