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Allergy services at The London Clinic

Our expert consultants treat patients with common allergies (pets and other animals; hay fever) and those who have rarer allergic reactions.

 Our specialists conduct patch and prick testing for various allergies. As well as food allergies our specialist can treat patients who have adverse reactions to inhalants, such as household sprays and chemicals.

Contact dermatitis is a common condition which we can treat.

Our excellent nursing staff provide support with treatments such as eye drops, nasal sprays and inhalers.

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Helping you understand your allergy

Looking at the whole picture

Often people are not allergic to what they think they are - and have been avoiding things unnecessarily.

Your allergy consultant will discuss safe alternatives to what is causing your allergy with you. Their aim is to help you have more options in life.  

Treatment and testing

Depending on your allergy, the treatment may take the form of antihistamines, eye drops, or tablets, amongst others.

The tests which your consultant will do with you are very low risk, and your questions will be answered in advance of any allergy test.

Our Allergy specialists

Our experts treat a wide range of conditions and disorders related to your skin.

They have access to cutting-edge technologies and treatments available at The London Clinic.

Our appointment team will arrange for you to meet with a consultant as soon as it is convenient for you.

Related consultants

Consultant Physician in Adult Allergy

AlLERgy Conditions and Treatments 

The London Clinic treats a range of dermatological conditions, from acne to rosacea to skin cancer.

Our consultants strive for excellence in the treatments of, for example, eczema, allergy treatments and benign skin problems.

Use the adjacent tool to find your condition, or the treatment you require.

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