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The London Clinic opens new Rapid Diagnostics Centre

12 Feb 2024

The London Clinic, one of the UK’s leading private hospitals, has opened a new Rapid Diagnostics Centre in London’s world-renowned medical district, at 142-146 Harley Street.

The Centre will focus on urology, gynaecology, breast and dermatology, as well as support a focus on early diagnosis particularly in cancer.

142 - 146 doors

Fast. Seamless. World-class.

Patients need not worry about sitting on long wait lists, when they can book in for the Rapid Diagnostics Centre and be seen within 24-48 hours. 

According to research conducted by The London Clinic through Censuswide (market research):

  • Almost a fifth (19%) of Brits are currently waiting for a symptom to be diagnosed 
  • Almost 3 in 5 (58%) Brits said waiting for a diagnosis caused them stress and anxiety

Chief Executive, Al Russell says,

“We know outcomes are hugely influenced by early diagnosis and our Rapid Diagnostics Centre will deliver exactly that. It will combine the best in science and clinical expertise with a warm and caring environment. As a charity, we want to advance healthcare for the benefit of the wider community. We will ensure access into service is broad, regardless of means, to support and extend as many lives as possible.”

Payment options are designed so treatment is more accessible, with self-pay pathways including all-inclusive packages, 0% finance and tailored payment plans, or availability to pay through private medical insurance. 


Enter our dedicated page on the Rapid Diagnostics Centre    Find out more about all diagnostics at The London Clinic

3T MRI machine
A 3T MRI scanner at the new Rapid Diagnostics Centre. Through its revolutionary features, it provides high-end imaging and is the gold standard for specialities including prostate or early breast changes.

What the Centre offers to patients 

From diagnosis to treatment, The London Clinic is equipped to host a patient’s entire health journey in a safe and caring environment. The Rapid Diagnostics Centre is located in a prime location at 142-146 Harley Street, in a new six-floor purpose-built facility, right across from The London Clinic’s main hospital.

  • With its own state-of-the-art pathology lab on-site, The London Clinic can conduct and review tests and scans, and get the results reported directly to the doctor or consultant within 72 hours of testing – so patient waiting time, and worry time is significantly reduced.  
  • When required the Centre will offer same day rapid access to radiological, endoscopic procedures and minor ‘surgeries’ to visualise tissue and take biopsies.
  • Once a treatment plan is in place, patients will be offered personalised support which could include therapy-based treatments such as Talking Therapies (with specialised psychologists), physiotherapy (including pilates and pelvic health), dietetics, or occupational therapy where clinically required.
  • Patients of The London Clinic are treated to the highest quality patient care, with a concierge service, a carefully curated menu from professional chefs, and access to a direct 24-7 support phone number for any follow-up questions and concerns. 
  • In addition, patients who remain with The London Clinic for treatment will be supported by dedicated Clinical Nurse Specialists who follow patients through the entire patient journey. 
Profile photo of Mr Debashis Ghosh
We are proud to be part of the Rapid Diagnostics Centre, a new state of art development that will accelerate the diagnostics pathway for all our patients, and which closely aligns with The London Clinic’s cancer strategy: ‘early diagnosis saves lives'
Mr Debashis Ghosh, Clinical Divisional Director and Consultant Breast and Oncoplastic Surgeon

An interesting royal history

The location of the new Rapid Diagnostics Centre has played an important role in history, as 146 Harley Street, known as The King’s Speech Room, is where King George VI received revolutionary treatment for his stammer from speech language therapist Lionel Logue, in the 1920s-1940s.  

The London Clinic has collected historical archives, along with memorabilia kindly donated by the Logue family, which showcase this story and the wider heritage of Harley Street.

Lionel Logue plaque outside the building

A private hospital with a charitable purpose

The London Clinic opened in 1932 and is proud to have been a charity since 1935.

Opening the Rapid Diagnostics Centre is part of The London Clinic’s charitable purpose to invest surplus income to continuously update equipment and facilities, support research and train staff to improve health outcomes for patients and to benefit the local community.

The development of the Rapid Diagnostics Centre was made possible by generous donations, including an initial donation of £4-million from the Rausing family, whose name is given to the building: The Julia and Hans Rausing Building. Donors will be associated with the world class name of Harley Street, and will be proudly supporting a cause close to The Clinic’s Patron, the Queen Consort's heart.


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