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Teams work as one to gain accreditation and certification success

21 Mar 2023

When you or your loved ones need radiotherapy treatment, it’s reassuring to know that you are receiving the best quality of care and skilled expertise.

“I am very proud of all those colleagues who put all their efforts towards being awarded the CHKS accreditation and the ISO 9001:2015 Certification. We all worked really hard for many months in the lead up to this successful result.” Neil Livingstone, Head of Radiotherapy.  

For those unfamiliar with the importance of accreditation bodies, their work ensures the healthcare experts you put your trust in, meet international best practice standards. In their report the CHKS accreditation award panel inspectors noted how: “All the teams involved with the accreditation at The London Clinic are forward thinking and dedicated to continuous innovation to improve the patient experience.” 

The report went on to state, “The London Clinic continues to be considered as the place to come to for oncology treatments, as well as attracting the best people to work at the organisation.”

Further stand out points from the CHKS report include:

• Referrals are actioned immediately and patients are treated within days of the initial referral 
• High level of quality and attention to detail applied to patient information and in particular information for patients receiving head and neck radiography, and chemotherapy.    
• The passion and dedication shown by the team to their individual roles 
• Genuine feeling of true collaboration by the Radiotherapy Team and their colleagues from the Oncology and Pharmacy Departments
• Guided by a clear and robust governance framework
• Clarity of information throughout the department
• Team members are valued and acknowledged for their contribution

“It was a tense time because we all wanted to do our best, and get a great outcome for our patients, The Clinic, and for our own sense of achievement,” said Neil. “But it was also a pleasure to take part because during the process we were able to talk to the inspectors about how we have developed the service in the months leading up to the inspection. It reminded us of how much we have achieved.”

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Say Success! Colleagues from the Radiotherapy, Medial PhTeams gather to celebrate achieving the CHKS Accreditation Programme for Health and Care Organisations
Say Success! Colleagues from the Radiotherapy, Medial Physics, Chemotherapy Day Unit and Oncology Pharmacy team gather together to celebrate achieving the CHKS Accreditation Programme for Health and Care Organisations

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