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"Now I can live life to its fullest"

26 Apr 2023

Chronic pain since childhood had really impacted on what Lauren could do and experience however, getting a correct diagnosis and corrective surgery has opened up life's possibilities.  

Now Lauren can enjoy full mobility including running.

Ever since I could remember I’ve been in pain. As a final attempt to get a correct diagnosis and treatment my physiotherapist referred me to The London Clinic. 

Since then I’ve had several surgical procedures for what we know now is hip dysplasia, including corrective surgery to ease sciatic nerve pain in my right leg and paralysis from my hip down. That last operation meant a stay in the Clinic for a month. 

Climbing every mountain and following every dream - pain free

The care I received was amazing. The surgeon, nurses, physiotherapy team, and even the member of staff that cleaned my room made sure all my needs were met. The physiotherapy team would take me out around the Harley Street area in a wheelchair so I still felt connected to the outside world, and to boost my mental health. 

When you can’t do very much mealtimes become the focus of your day. The menu was varied and the food was delicious, fresh and tasty. It felt great to make healthy choices to support my recovery and wellbeing. 

After I went home it was easy to get advice during the day or night from my medical and nursing team. I was always reassured they would be there for me.

My surgery, nursing and aftercare have given me a new start in life. I thought I would never get diagnosed, play sports, or fulfil my potential. Now I’m back at university and I’m learning to run. The London Clinic has given me the life I always wanted. 


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