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One million medical supplies delivered to Ukraine region

21 Oct 2022

Independent healthcare providers including The London Clinic have donated more than one million medical supplies to Ukraine, in order to support the ongoing crisis resulting from its war against Russia.

The hospital lit up in Ukraine colours

Following the outbreak of war in February this year, The London Clinic’s community came together to support the people of Ukraine by donating medical supplies into the region. 

Working in partnership with Ukraine’s UK embassy and the Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN), The London Clinic has been part of an effort to get items including anaesthetic machines, defibrillators, blood pressure pumps and first aid to areas in Ukraine where help is most needed. 

Additionally, The London Clinic’s staff members have led activities including raising money via bake sales and lighting the main hospital building blue and yellow, the colours of the Ukrainian flag, while in April one of its consultants ran a marathon to raise funds for the British Red Cross humanitarian appeal working in Ukraine. 

Luis Pedro, Operations Director at The London Clinic, played a key role in coordinating the response from The London Clinic. 

He said: “The London Clinic was hugely saddened by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and our community wanted to help in any way that we could. 

“Working with the IHPN, we resolved to get medical supplies into the areas that need them and to help healthcare personnel with the equipment to carry out their vital work. 

“We are proud to have reached the milestone of getting one million supplies into the region, but more still can be done and we remain committed to supporting the people of Ukraine.”