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“The London Clinic has the best doctors in the world. I choose to invest in life, every time. I’d choose The London Clinic, every time too.”

05 Jun 2023


Andreas (Andy) Constantinou thought he was attending the Clinic for a quick consultation. Fortunately for Andy his consultant surgeon, Mr Satya Bhattacharya sent him for a diagnostic on-site scan. The results came back swiftly to prove that fast access to speedy diagnostic testing can save lives. This is Andy's story.

It’s incredible to think I had a condition that had no obvious symptoms yet once diagnosed it resulted in me having to have an operation that lasted nine hours.

This all happened about 18 months ago. I'd noticed that the whites of my eyes were discoloured yellow. Other than that, I felt fine. My doctor sent me to The London Clinic for a scan. I thought I’d be in and out within the hour and I could then carry on with my plans for the rest of the day. Well, you know what happens to plans…

As soon as my consultant surgeon, Mr Satya Bhattacharya who specialises in surgery of the gall bladder, liver, and pancreas, received the results of the scan all speedily done during my consultation with him that was it. There was no going home for me that afternoon.

It was a shock as you can imagine. I didn’t have any personal overnight items with me that’s how out of the blue the diagnosis came. But within a very short space of time, I was reassured and settled in by the most amazing range of nursing staff. Throughout my weeks of being an inpatient, I received the best consistent care and attention from the polite and always smiling nurses. 

Mine was a complex case. From that hint of discoloration of the eyes, it was found I had pancreatic cancer in the lining of the ducts in the pancreas. But, as I was prepared for the surgery I knew I was in the best of hands.

Andy is wheeled into theatre for a life saving operation

Postoperatively I had chemotherapy. I can’t lie and say that was a breeze, I was very weak, and I couldn’t even climb the stairs at home. However, I    received, and still receive, the best aftercare from Mr Bhattacharya, and the nursing staff. I feel confident that I can call him anytime and I know I will feel welcomed, and be able to ask any questions I may have, no matter how trivial.

I am so happy to say I’m clear of cancer. I’ve had two scans to confirm that. My attitude to life has profoundly changed. Now I regard every day as precious. I know just how lucky I’ve been because 95% of people with pancreatic cancer don’t survive. That’s because, in the early stages when the tumour would be most treatable, there are usually no symptoms. Exactly as I experienced.

I would go back to The London Clinic for more treatment if I ever needed it. It feels like home and that is so important mentally. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for treatment.

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