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"It’s the colours and detail of everything I see around me now which is so fantastic."

28 Jul 2023

Patient Malcolm Harvey shares his experience of receiving top-class treatment and the delightful difference it has made to the quality of his life. 


The deterioration of my eyesight was so gradual that I just put it down to old age. I thought well, that’s how it has to be. How wrong I was. However, at my consultation with Mr Hugo Henderson, Consultant Ophthalmologist & Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon at The Eye Centre at the Clinic, I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. The procedure to deal with these was both quick and painless. I had the first one done in one session and returned a week later to have the other eye treated. 


Mr Henderson also discussed ways that I could be glasses-free after surgery. He prescribed replacement intraocular lenses to correct the near vision in one of my eyes and distance vision in the other. Having eye treatment has made such an unbelievable difference in my life. 


I can drive safely at night, read the small writing on packets of food, and see everyday changes in the garden – it’s the best thing I’ve done. I don’t need to borrow my wife’s glasses anymore, in fact, she’s envious of my new vision. Now she wants to make an appointment for treatment!


Want to see the world in a new way, just like Malcolm? 


We are justifiably very proud of our team of world-class ophthalmology consultants and compassionate, caring ophthalmic nurses.


Appointments at the Clinic’s Eye Centre can be arranged within 24 hours, with many patients benefiting from consultation, diagnosis, and treatment as part of same-day service for a range of conditions including:


• Cataract surgery 

• Vitreo-retinal surgery like retinal detachment, and complications caused by diabetic retinopathy. 

• Eye care for diabetic patients includes laser treatment or injections. 

• Further treatments include a range of corneal transplantation techniques for faster visual recovery and a lower risk of rejection.

• Eyelid surgery for health reasons, and cosmetic eyelid surgery. 


Fast access to diagnostics when time is of the essence


 When it comes to preserving your sight, early diagnosis is vital. Although eye cancer is rare the Clinic’s specialist Eye Centre team offers high-tech imaging and a range of tests to detect eye cancer quickly.


 But, of course, we don’t just focus on eye health.


 The Clinic offers an impressive range of specialties, treatments, and services for bone and joint issues, specialist cancer care, digestive health, spinal surgery, plastic and cosmetic procedures, male and female health conditions, and consultations can be arranged within 48 hours or sooner. Many patients describe their care as reassuring and relaxing - whatever their treatment.


Peace of mind payment plans    


Take advantage of tailored self-pay treatment packages and interest-free finance options and call 020 3131 8611 to find out more.