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"I knew I was in safe hands and now I can live just as I want to."

20 Apr 2023

When former patient Hannah Doherty was diagnosed with stage two endometriosis, after weighing up her options Hannah chose the fast and easy access healthcare route to get her back to the life she loves.   

I’d look at the calendar with dread as I knew exactly when I would be doubled up with period pain. Sometimes I could get through a working day, but on others I had to take time off. It was getting married that made me want to address my condition.

I felt relief after a diagnosis of stage two endometriosis, whereby the lining of the womb grows around the ovaries and fallopian tubes. If the condition is untreated it can worsen and become a cause of infertility.

I looked at the options given. I could wait for months for further investigations or be admitted to The London Clinic straight away and have a diagnostic laparoscopy.  Time was ticking and I wanted to make sure that my husband and I would be able to have a family in future. The decision was easy.

It was getting married that helped Hannah make the decision to address her condition.

Even so, I felt nervous on the journey to being admitted. The London Clinic doesn’t look like a hospital from the outside, more like a grand hotel. But appearances are deceptive, you may feel like you are in a luxury hotel in the heart of London but my Consultant, Mr Thomas Ind chose to do the procedure there because of the high standard of camera technology available which he needed to assess the level of endometriosis, and remove it.  

By the time Mr Ind had explained what would happen next my nerves had gone and I knew I was in good hands. My operation went smoothly and my aftercare was great. I really felt the nursing staff had time for me and nothing felt rushed. My overnight stay was such a pleasant experience with my own room, and a bathroom stocked with lovely toiletries. The food was healthy, delicious and served with high-end restaurant standard presentation. 

After her successful operation Hannah can live the life she loves, without checking what date it is on the calendar

It’s been a few months now since my operation. I can live just as I want to, whatever date it is on the calendar. Why live with pain when there is an alternative choice to fast and effective treatment? 


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