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Are you a weekend warrior?

14 Jun 2018

We don’t forget to get our cars serviced to keep them on the road, so why are we so blasé about our bodies? Two of our in-house GPs provide advice on how to optimise your sports performance.

See the doctor... When you're healthy

We don’t forget to get our cars serviced to keep them on the road, so why are we so blasé about our bodies?

Men’s health should not just about disease prevention, awareness of your vital organs or figuring out what your symptoms mean. 

It is also about making sure we optimise your wellbeing so that you can do the things you love. 

Whether it’s Couch to 5k, a sporting event like a triathlon, tough mudder or a half marathon, it’s important to make sure you know how your body works:

  • What does it run on?
  • How does it recover?
  • How do you keep it tuned?

Let’s eliminate the guesswork and help you stay on top of your performance whatever your event or your drive to fitness.   

Exercise is not just for the elite, it is for all of us and seeing your GP should not be  just for illness or injury either. 

Our doctors are here to help

At ‘Pixie and Sera @ The London Clinic', Dr Sera Shoukru is a sports and exercise GP with a specialist interest in nutrition. Working alongside Dr Pixie Mckenna, she offers you a comprehensive, holistic approach to your health.

The GP will start with a simple consultation to understand your drive, areas of focus, performance targets, or simply to see how to improve your general health.

The full range of services available includes:

  • Consultations to discuss any goals, concerns or combat any myths
  • Nutritional focused medicals
  • Sport performance blood test packages to screen for deficiencies which can affect performance, recovery and healing
  • Referrals for full body composition analysis to find out your fat and muscle percentages and bone density
  • Consultations to link you with experienced physiotherapists to prevent injury and help manage those niggling pains impairing your performance.

Eliminate the guesswork and stay on top of your game.  


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