Dr Susan Cleator

Consultant Radiation and Medical Oncologist
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Dr Suzy Cleator, Clinical Oncologist at The London Clinic, specialises in the treatment of breast cancer and colorectal and anal cancers by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. At The London Clinic she has pioneered the implementation of heart sparing radiotherapy for women with left-sided breast cancer.



Dr Susan (Suzy) Cleator gained her first degree in Oxford University. She had an extensive training in general and emergency medicine before specializing in Oncology.

Her oncology training was undertaken in London and included a three year period devoted to a PhD on genetic finger-printing of breast cancers to predict response to treatment. This was undertaken at the Breakthrough Lab which is affiliated to the Royal Marsden Hospital. She has retained an interest in this field.

Though mainly a clinician these days with a busy NHS (St Mary's/ Charing Cross) and private practise, she remains active in clinical research alongside her current disease sub-specialties (breast and colorectal cancers).

She has a significant publication record in both and has previously sat on the Breast Cancer Studies Group, a National committee that overseas National Breast Cancer Clinical Trials in the UK.

She has worked with the radiotherapy unit at The London Clinic to make it the first in the UK to routinely deliver cardiac-sparing breath radiotherapy for left sided breast cancer.

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  • Consultant Clinical Oncologist
    Charing Cross / St Mary's
  • Novel chemotherapy and biological agents
  • Pre-surgical (neodjuvant) breast chemotherapy
  • Breast radiotherapy
  • Colorectal cancer chemotherapy
  • Colorectal radiotherapy
  • Year qualified 1992
  • Oxford 1992

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