Dr Dawn Carnell

Consultant Clinical Oncologist Head and Neck and Lung Cancer
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Dr Carnell is a clinical oncologist with expertise in head and neck cancers, complex skin and lung cancer: special interests include sinus cancers, rare tumours incl. olfactory neuroblastoma, thymoma. Intensity Modulated radiotherapy courses are individually planned with photons, protons, 4D gating, stereotactic techniques and concurrent systemic therapy as indicated.

Oncology, Ear, nose and throat
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Consultant Clinical Oncologist at UCH (since 2005) working and teaching within exceptional multidisciplinary teams of dedicated professionals in head and neck cancer.

Trained at The Royal Marsden and UCH. Her UCL research led to translational research for radiation dose escalation aiming to achieve higher cancer cure rates.

She specialises in Proton Beam and Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy and systemic chemotherapy, immunotherapy and molecular targeted treatments. Proton Beam Therapy can be of value for younger patients or where the tumour is close to radiosensitive tissues. She has a particular interest in sinus tumours, including rare olfactory neuroblastoma and skull base tumours, where tailored surgery and proton beam therapy can deliver effective cure with reduced late effects.

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5 Devonshire Place
London W1G 6HL

  • BSc (University of London RFHSM) Immunopathology
  • MBBS (University of London) Merit in Medicine and Surgery
  • MRCP (UK)
  • FRCR
  • MD (UCL)
  • Clinical Excellence Award
  • GCP (current)
  • University College London Hospital
    Consultant Clinical Oncologist
  • Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine
  • University College London Hospital
    Educational Supervisor

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