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The latest information from The London Clinic

The London Clinic is open and here to support you as your trusted healthcare partner. Please read the information below to understand the additional steps we are talking to keep our patients and staff safe during the current coronavirus pandemic.

we are here to help

Independent healthcare providers have united in an unprecedented communal response to the significant challenges faced by the NHS as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We, at The London Clinic, are proud to support our colleagues in the NHS in every way we can during this time. Whilst doing this, we are now also open and able to treat all patients including those with less urgent problems.


  • If you are due to be a patient, our admissions team will be in contact with you to arrange your attendance. 
  • To support our patients, video and phone consultations are now available with several of our specialist consultants and healthcare professionals.  Please view our consultant directory where you can find out more about our consultants, or directly enquire about their services.
  • The London Clinic does not offer COVID-19 vaccinations. Please visit the NHS UK website for information.


Our latest visitor policy can be read below.


Whether you are in one of our buildings, at home or at work, we advise that you take the following additional precautions to reduce your risk of getting or spreading the coronavirus.

Graphic showing tips to take

The symptoms are the following:

COVID-19 symptoms

Visitor policy - UPDATE (from 19 JULY 2021)

As part of the UK Government’s plans to ease lockdown restrictions, our visiting guide has been updated to ensure that we continue to be able to protect all patients, staff and visitors.

Inpatients (including those having a planned procedure or surgery) will be allowed visitors, but they will only be permitted to attend one at a time. Visitors must book the time and date of their visit in advance via the Ward Manager and must complete a lateral flow test at least 24hrs prior to their visit. Evidence of a negative result via text or email must be brought along to the visit.

Visitors wishing to see patients who are staying at The London Clinic are asked to familiarise themselves with the guidance below.


  • One named visitor will be permitted to visit at a time
  • Visitors must provide evidence of a negative lateral flow test (unless visiting Level 1 or Level 4 of the Duchess of Devonshire Wing - see below), carried out within 24 hours of the visit. Evidence of a negative result via text or email must be brought along to the visit
  • Those visiting patients in Level 1 or Level 4 of the Duchess of Devonshire Wing (22 Devonshire Place), will be required to complete a PCR swab test and must bring evidence of a negative result along on their visit

  • Anyone showing any symptoms of coronavirus should not visit (persistent cough, fever, loss of sense of smell or taste)

  • Visitors arriving with any of the symptoms mentioned above, or without evidence of a negative lateral flow or PCR swab test, will be asked to leave and will not be able to visit a patient
  • Visitors will be required to wear a mask at all times, clean their hands regularly and follow social distancing rules.

Visitor policy  - Further information

Before your visit

Before visiting the named visitor should: 

  • Contact the Ward or Department (via our General Enquiries number) to discuss the appropriate arrangements for visiting
  • Provide evidence of a negative COVID test, carried out within 24 hours of the visit, using either a lateral flow or PCR test (PCR tests are required for those visiting Level 1 or Level 4 of the Duchess of Devonshire Wing). Please show the negative confirmation email to the receptionist.

Arriving at The London Clinic 

All visitors must arrive wearing a face covering.  On arrival, we will ask you to replace this with a surgical facemask, which you should wear for the whole time you are visiting.

If you are visiting a patient in their room, you will be required to wear an apron and gloves. 

Every visitor will:

  • Be temperature checked
  • Be asked to show evidence of a negative lateral flow or PCR test held in the 24 hours preceding their visit
  • Scan a test and trace barcode
  • Follow the hospital's COVID-secure measures where asked, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

Attending an appointment

Companions and those accompanying patients for appointments with our consultants need not wear aprons and gloves but should maintain social distancing measures.


It is important that you provide proof of a negative test result for each time you visit.  

A visitor who arrives without taking a test, or who does not provide a negative test, will be refused entry unless the visit is under exceptional circumstances (e.g. the patient is deteriorating, end of life or for other compassionate reasons).

Carers/essential Care givers 

Carers are subjected to the same testing regime as inpatients. A carer will initially be tested as part of the patient's pre-assessment process, and will be tested weekly thereafter.  

If a carer does not stay in the hospital with the patient, they will be required to have evidence of a negative test each time they visit. 

Latest Patient information


We urge that all patients and prospective patients be familiar with the latest UK Government guidelines on COVID-19.

Please note that we will not admit any private patient with possible COVID-19 symptoms.

If you are scheduled to come into the hospital (e.g. for a test or procedure) but have developed symptoms, please do not attend. Instead, call us on 020 7616 7693 and we will assist you further.

It is vital that you follow the advice to stay away from the hospital, for the safety of our current patients and staff.

Health and safety

Our reputation has been built on the exceptional levels of our medical expertise and our devotion to patient comfort and well-being for over 85 years, and this is no different during this time. 

We have developed very clear patient pathways for patients who attend the hospital to ensure you are safe whilst with us. This includes dedicated waiting areas, separate entrances for patient groups, increasing appointment times and social distancing. 

Patients will also be asked to wear masks on arrival while staff and consultants across the hospital are in full PPE.


Doctor holding a patient's wrist

It is extremely important that people do not hesitate in getting checked out if they are in need of healthcare services.

If you are worried or are experiencing any serious symptoms, please get in touch with your GP, call 111 or use the NHS 111 online service. For emergencies, call 999.

Frequently asked questions

Please take the time to check if your question is answered below before contacting us.

All staff, patients and visitors are screened rigorously prior to entering our hospital and outpatients building.

All patients also have full pre-assessment tests including risk assessment and COVID-19 testing prior to admission to the hospital.

We are also exceeding Public Health England’s recommendations for testing staff and patients for the coronavirus.

Ensuring that you have a safe and comfortable visit to The London Clinic is our priority, which is why strict hygiene and safety rules are in place. 

Our visitor policy was updated on 17 May 2021, in accordance with UK  Government guidelines. 

Visitor policy

Cleaning has always been to a premium standard at the Clinic. We have now escalated them even further.

Any room or space where there is a belief, or fact of a COVID-19 patient, is triple- cleaned by our internal cleaning teams.

There are separate entrances for patient groups, increased appointment times and social distancing in place at the Clinic. Patients will also be asked to wear masks on arrival while staff and consultants across the clinic are in full PPE.

Social distancing and clinical meetings are being done remotely rather than in person. The safety of our staff is just as important to us as patient safety.

Yes. Whilst continuing to support our colleagues in the NHS, we have agreed with them to welcome private patients back to the Clinic. 

We have been providing support to various NHS trusts by carrying out diagnostics, surgery, complex surgery including renal tranplant, chemotherapy, inpatient care (including non-COVID-19 ITU transfers) and urgent non-cancer surgery.  We will continue to support wherever we can.

We are pleased to confirm we are now open and are able to treat all patients, including those with less urgent problems.

Find a consultant

Our treatments

To make it easier, quicker and safer for you, video consultations are now available with several of our specialist consultants and healthcare professionals. 

Our full pre-assessment service is designed to keep you as safe as possible. It includes rigorous tests, risk assessment and COVID-19 testing prior to your admission at our hospital. It also means that all patients and staff entering our hospital and outpatient buildings are rigorously screened.

We have a no-visitor policy in place which means that we have to ask you to come alone unless you need a carer or interpreter. We understand that this will be difficult for many of our patients and apologise for this essential requirement. Our team will provide you with as much support as possible during your visit.

We are taking extra measures to ensure that all patients have been contacted, however, if you have not yet heard from us, please use the enquiry form or speak to one of our Appointments team on 020 8108 6380.

If you have an appointment, please see our information sheets: