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Specialties and sub-specialties

Medical oncology

Professional profile

Dr Mark Linch is a Consultant Medical Oncologist at University College London (UCL) Hospital and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the UCL Cancer Institute where he leads the Urological Cancer Biology Group. He also treats patients at leading private hospitals in London, specialising in the treatment of prostate and bladder cancers.

Dr Linch trained in medical oncology at the Royal Marsden Hospital (RMH), London. In 2012 he was awarded a PhD in Cancer Cell Biology from UCL and the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute (LRI), now known as the Francis Crick Institute. He continued his post-doctoral studies at the LRI while also working as a Consultant Medical Oncologist at RMH.

In 2014 Dr Linch was appointed Consultant Medical Oncologist at UCL Hospital and Group Leader at the UCL Cancer Institute with the aim of developing translational science in urological malignancies. His research programme is funded by the NIHR/BRC, CRUK and the American Prostate Cancer Foundation and is focused on understanding the heterogeneity of cancer cell signalling and how this may impact on the immune response which has led to a patent and over 30 peer-reviewed publications.

Dr Linch leads on a number of studies involving in depth profiling of patients’ cancers, looking for genetic, protein and immune cell changes that are associated with cancer.

Through this work, Dr Linch hopes to be able to match individual patients with effective therapies, incorporate immunotherapy into routine clinical practice for urological cancers and help develop novel therapies.

Clinical interests

  • Advanced and high-risk prostate cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy

Current posts

  • Consultant Medical Oncologist
    University College London Hospital

Current teaching posts

  • Honorary Senior Lecturer
    UCL Cancer Institute

Medical training

  • Leeds University Medical School 2000
  • The Royal Marsden Hospital