The Duchess of Devonshire Wing works closely with other departments that run specific screening programmes for different cancers, such as our breast screening service.

Diagnosing cancer early

The primary cancer screening services available at The London Clinic include:

  • breast screening
  • bowel cancer screening
  • prostate cancer screening
  • colposcopy - a follow up investigation for cervical cancer done after an abnormal cervical smear result.

Finding any cancer at an early stage provides the opportunity for rapid early treatment, which in turn improves outcomes for patients.

Survival rates for both breast cancer and bowel cancer have been steadily increasing over recent decades; early diagnosis is just one factor but it is a crucial one.

What happens if I have cancer?

If your screening suggests something suspicious, you will have further tests and investigations at The London Clinic. These usually include further imaging using CT scanning, MRI scanning, ultrasound, PET scans and/or X-rays. You might also need a biopsy.

If a diagnosis is confirmed, you will then see an appropriate specialist consultant at The London Clinic to decide your treatment options.