Falls Prevention

If you are at risk of falling or have a history of falls, physiotherapy can provide exercise and education to prevent falls, improve balance, increase confidence, reduce fear of falling and promote an active lifestyle.

Physiotherapists can also teach you how to get up from the ground following a fall and signpost you to other specialist services.

Preventing falls

Preventing falls is important because:

  • The risk of falls increases with age
  • As well as causing injury, falls can reduce confidence and independence
  • Risk of further falls increases after the first incident.

Falls in hospital are the most commonly reported patient accident in the country. Patients can fall in hospital for many reasons. These may include

  • General weakness
  • Balance problems
  • Changes in health or recent surgery
  • Disorientation at the hospital environment
  • Effects of medication.

People most at risk of falling

You may be at risk of falling particularly if you:

  • Have difficulty walking
  • Have difficulty rising from a low chair or bed
  • Get light-headed or dizzy when you turn, or stand up
  • Have poor eyesight or hearing
  • Have poor balance
  • Take four or more medicines
  • Have fallen before
  • Have a fear of falling
  • Suffer from depression
  • Suffer from memory problems. 

We want to ensure that The London Clinic is as safe as possible for you.