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Liver services and specialists

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The London Clinic provides access to the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of liver disease. We offer the highest technological service matched by expert and caring staff. 

Our specialist liver consultants work within large multi-disciplinary teams to offer the best care to patients, their family and friends. Many of the consultant hepatologists at The Clinic have been responsible for key developments in the treatment of liver disease.

The London Clinic offers liver function tests that can be used to diagnose problems in the liver long before they start to cause symptoms. Often liver disease shows no definite symptoms until it is well advanced, so screening tests can help you get the treatment you need as early as possible.

Liver specialists, nurses and multi-disciplinary teams at The London Clinic provide the latest treatments for:

For enquiries or to book an appointment please call 020 7616 7719.

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Why choose The London Clinic?

What makes The London Clinic special and why should you choose to have your private treatment with us?

The guiding principle of The London Clinic has always been to deliver exceptional patient care.  This was the focus in 1932 when the Clinic opened and it has remained the ethos we have followed for the past 80 years.

Find out more about our leading consultants, dedicated staff and ground-breaking treatments.

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Making an appointment at The London Clinic couldn’t be easier, whether you use your private medical insurance, pay for your own treatment or are funded through a third party. 

As London's leading independent private hospital, we offer appointments with some of the best consultants in the country and indeed worldwide.

To request an appointment click here and complete the online form or call us on 020 7616 7693

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Our interactive map and directions facility provides all the information you need about getting to The London Clinic. 

Find out where each of our buildings are located, plan your journey and even find local parking.

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