Date: 01 February 2013

The London Clinic is the UK’s first independent not for profit hospital to achieve Joint Accreditation Committee-ISCT (Europe) & EBMT (JACIE) Accreditation for the clinical, collection and processing sections of its stem cell transplantation programme.  The Clinic is the biggest donor cell collection centre in the UK.

Dr Mike Potter, Consultant Haematologist at The London Clinic says: “Stem cell transplantation is so important because it can provide a cure for some patients with very aggressive haematological conditions, such as leukaemia where standard treatments have failed. High doses of chemotherapy need to be given to kill the cancerous cells, but this also kills stem cells in the bone marrow which are crucial to the production of blood. Stem cell transplantations are required to replace the stem cells that are lost, allowing donor cells to grow. The transplantation can give a patient a new immune system from a matched donor.”

JACIE's primary aim is to promote high quality patient care and laboratory performance in haematopoietic stem cell collection, processing and transplantation centres through an internationally recognised system of accreditation. 

“Achieving JACIE Accreditation shows the high level of teamwork, systems and state of the art facilities that The London Clinic hosts. It is the ultimate certification in haematopoietic stem cell transplantation,” says Dr Potter.

“We are immensely proud of the accreditation. It took a lot of hard work by the Clinic’s experienced and qualified stem cell transplantation team in order to prepare for it.”

Four accreditors from JACIE recently spent two days at The London Clinic, analysing every aspect of the Clinic’s stem cell transplantation programme.

The JACIE inspection report states the Clinic’s stem cell transplantation department has a: “highly experienced and highly motivated team carrying out a large number of collections and providing an excellent level of care.”

The London Clinic prides itself on the quality of its rooms for stem cell transplantation patients, as the report outlines: “The new facilities are first class with the inpatient rooms giving an air of comfort and relaxation with attention to detail”

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