London Haematology

London Haematology are specialists in the treatment of haematological, or blood, cancers, such as leukaemia and myeloma. Operating out of The London Clinic, a renowned charitable hospital at the heart of Harley Street, our consultants provide expert advice, access to the latest procedures and the highest quality care.

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Our consultants

London Haematology is led by a team of four experienced haematologists. The team have built up one of the leading private sector haematology departments in the UK.

Treatments we offer

Our team of experts provide quality treatments, including the latest developments in stem cell therapy and immunotherapy.

Stem cell unit

The stem cell unit we use at The London Clinic enables us to treat patients with serious blood disorders who require special facilities. This stem cell unit  is staffed by specialist nurses with specific training caring for these patients.

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Clinician handles test tube

Conditions we treat

Our aim is to provide a personalised, safe and seamless service to all patients with haematological disorders including leukaemia and thalassaemia.

Why choose us?

The London Haematology unit offers rapid access to diagnostics from its pathology and radiology services. These provide us with immediate access to CT scans, MRIs, ultrasound scans and other tests.

If we need help with the management of patients we have cardiologists, oncologists and physicians available. Treatment for patients are delivered by their lead nurse in a dedicated unit so that patients can maintain their privacy, dignity and comfort. 


We offer three different ways of paying for your treatment. Self-paying patients paying for their own treatment, insured patients paying through their insurance company and international sponsored patients. 

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