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The London Clinic is the UK’s largest acute independent hospital and we are looking for compassionate nurses to provide first class care for our patients. Currently our team consists of 450 nurses, 30 specialist nurses and 850 consultants including some of the world’s most eminent specialists.

At The London Clinic we have a 4:1 patient nurse ratio which allows us to provide this exceptional care that our patients deserve and expect.

Our nurses are important members of our talented multidisciplinary team - where the combined effort and expertise can truly influence patient outcomes.

Training and education is important to us and therefore we invest in our staff in order to help them achieve their full potential. We offer a range of in house formal training and certification.

As an additional bonus we can offer accommodation in a lovely part of London which is within 20 minutes’ walk of the Clinic through Regent’s Park.

Meet some of our nurses

I am a Senior Staff Nurse working in Endoscopy and so I help to look after the patients attending for their diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.  I act as a mentor to junior staff nurses and student nurses on placement.

The Clinic’s large and recently refurbished endoscopy department has excellent facilities for our patients with five treatment rooms and 17 individual recovery bays. The Clinic invests in the latest technology so that patients receive the best treatment and techniques available.  The nurses have the opportunity to learn and develop their skills using this state of the art equipment.

World renowned specialist consultants, assisted by the endoscopy team, offer all forms of endoscopic investigation including capsule endoscopy.  This means we see a broad mix of patients requiring treatment or investigation for diseases which may affect any part of the digestive system, from the upper oesophagus, stomach and small intestine right through to the colon, rectum and anus.   

The Clinic and my manager have been supportive in assisting me with my professional development. I have become a Nurse Prescriber and recently completed a Diabetes Care Course at City University. As an Independent Nurse Prescriber, I am qualified to assess and prescribe medications for our patients ensuring their immediate comfort. 

This avoids the need to call for a doctor or Consultant and therefore provides an efficient and timely service in the Endoscopy Department.

There are career progression opportunities at the Clinic for staff willing to enhance their careers and develop themselves. 

As the Oncology Senior Nurse for Matron’s office I oversee L1 Medical Oncology and manage the Oncology/Haematology Junior Doctors. My role requires leadership and management of the team which comprises a balance of staff nurses and HCAs.  I allocate their duties, provide guidance and support to the staff to enable them to feel confident in managing the complex needs of our patients.

I started my career as a HCA and then undertook training to become a registered nurse in Sydney before moving to the UK to work in Newport, Wales. I completed training in High Dependency Nursing and A&E in Cardiff.

I relocated to London and joined the Clinic in 1995 on recommendation of a friend who had enjoyed her experience of working at the Clinic.

Throughout my career I have worked in many places which that have been understaffed and staff felt under pressure but this has not been my experience at The London Clinic. We have the time and resources to ensure we are able to deliver high quality care to our patients.

The people at the Clinic are lovely with a great culture and community spirit.  Staff work well together across the whole hospital. 

There is great support and educational opportunities. I have undertaken several clinical courses such as liver modules and gynaecological oncology. The London Clinic also sponsored me to complete Diplomas in Management and Leadership; Strategic Management and Foundations in Chemotherapy through the Royal Marsden, with further training scheduled for 2017.

There are opportunities for career progression here for staff who show an interest and are willing to work hard to get it.

As a result of my own training and experience I feel valued and supported and remain loyal to the Clinic.

As the HPB Clinical Nurse Specialist, I look after patients at The London Clinic with digestive problems that affect their pancreas, liver or gallbladder. The emphasis of my nursing role is to ensure that patients undergo an agreed treatment plan in timely and seamless manner.

I am a specialist in both cancerous and benign HPB conditions, and educate and support patients with symptom control and lifestyle changes. I prepare patients for surgery and counsel them after their operation. I also keep in contact with them after they have been discharged from hospital.

The London Clinic is a bit like the NHS with all the bells and whistles in terms of having the experienced staff, leading consultants but with the resources like ICU, outreach, good nurse to patient ratios and consultants on call as well as nice facilities and the latest technology to back it up, it doesn’t shut down at times like smaller private hospitals- there is a constant buzz even at the weekends.

When I came to visit the Clinic, I found it so welcoming. All the staff from Front of House,to other clinical departments and the nurses on the wards were so approachable. Also I liked that unlike other acute care hospitals; it didn’t feel stressful and highly pressured. It was busy but manageable. After all a happy workforce is a healthy workforce.

I feel very supported, I have opportunity to regularly speak to my line manager who is open to development ideas and suggestions and is kind.  I also feel supported by Matron who is very pro the development of  nurses, especially the CNS role. There’s no resistance to development.

As the Surgical Care Practitioner in Breast Care, I support and assist the surgeon in theatres as well as assessing and preparing breast patients for surgery.  I attend clinics but also run my own follow up or pre-assessment clinics to ensure patients are ready physically and emotionally for their surgery.

I work very closely with the breast clinical nurse specialists in order that patients are supported throughout the breast pathway.  The majority of my work is with cancer patients or with those where the risk of cancer is high.

In addition I regularly attend the MDT meetings, which I find informative and interesting. Attendance allows me the opportunity to maintain continuity in the patients’ care pathway.

I like that the Clinic really takes are of its staff, providing lovely local nursing accommodation (which is quite rare in private healthcare) to providing taxis for Theatre staff when finishing late at night.

The London Clinic has a large number of specialties, some very complex so the work is varied and interesting. The Clinic attracts consultants who are leaders in their fields. It also invests in the latest techniques and technologies which gives us the opportunity to be at the leading edge.  

There is definitely career progression available here and the Clinic has allowed me to grow at my own pace. Expectations are high but staff are supported to achieve them. 

I joined The London Clinic as a Healthcare Assistant (HCA) on the recommendation of my cousin. With the encouragement of the Clinic’s training team and my manager, I pursued my goal of becoming a registered nurse and graduated in 2013 and was appointed to Staff Nurse position. 

I knew I wanted to work in an acute setting and applied for a position as a staff nurse on the liver ward.

At The London Clinic I care for patients on the ward; building a relationship with them before and after their operation, when they are at their most vulnerable.  I help patients recuperate post operatively to enable them to regain their independence.

I enjoy working at The London Clinic because it is one of the top hospitals in the UK and I have the opportunity to work alongside leading consultants and experienced nursing staff who act as mentors and are an invaluable resource, which helps me in my own development.

Wide ranging career progression is available at the Clinic. You are encouraged to take responsibility for researching courses and putting a case forward. I know nurses taking masters course and even housekeeping staff taking courses to progress into HCAs.  

Frances White joined The London Clinic in 2017 as our Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in Gynaecology. With a background in Palliative Care, she came to us from The Royal Free London Foundation Trust, where she also served as a Staff Governor, and championed issues of staff and patient experience.

After setting up the local Gynaecology/Oncology nursing service in 2009, Frances most recently implemented and ran successful nurse-led clinics to address the complex needs of women being treated for gynaecological cancers.

Frances tells us that when she first came to look around The London Clinic, she was suspicious, because everybody looked so happy, and greeted her with a warm smile. She thought this couldn't possibly last. But, it has. She was made to feel welcome right from the start. She says, "People are genuinely happy here, and enjoy coming to work. Not just nurses, but porters, maintenance staff, domestics and security, to name but a few.

Everybody seems to fall over each other to try to help, whether you're a patient, or a member of staff. It is genuine, and is truly inspiring. People seem to take great pride in their work at The London Clinic - work which is done to a very high standard across the board. It is lovely to witness, and I'm very proud to now be a part of it".

Frances will be focusing on and supporting gynaecological cancer patients throughout their pathway, with a keen eye on service development into other gynaecological areas in the future.

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