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A capsule endoscopy is a pain-free investigation: by swallowing a pill-sized capsule containing a camera, the entire small intestine can be filmed.
The range of symptoms associated with coeliac disease means that it is not easy to diagnose. Coeliac disease is usually suspected when someone has sev...
An examination of the large bowel used to investigate lower gastrointestinal diseases. It is extensively used in colonic screening for bowel cancer and polyp removal. An All-inclusive package for this treatment is available from £1,925.
The London Clinic offers a range of investigations to detect colorectal cancer. With high-tech imaging and expert pathologists, we are able to accurately diagnose and stage colorectal tumours.
At The London Clinic, we have a team of expert consultant colorectal surgeons who can perform different operations to remove colorectal tumours depend...
Crohn’s disease varies in how severe it is and which part of the digestive system it affects. Treatment at The London Clinic is tailored carefully t...
At The London Clinic, our team of radiologists perform CT colonography as an outpatient procedure. Because it is non-invasive compared to other coloni...
Specific treatment depends on whether the duodenal ulcer is caused by the bacteria, the painkillers or a combination of both.
Physicians at The London Clinic use Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) to diagnose and treat a range of conditions that can affect your liver, biliary system and pancreas.
A combination of two types of test - endoscopy and ultrasound. The endoscopist uses an endoscope with an ultrasound built into the tip.
Endoscopy is a term used to describe several different investigations that examine the digestive system using an endoscope.
A sigmoidoscopy is a visual examination of the lower part of the large bowel, including the rectum. An All-inclusive package for this treatment is available from £1,350.
A gastric band is intermediate between the gastric balloon and more extensive bariatric surgery. It involves a general anaesthetic and laparoscopic su...
Gastric bypass treatment at The London Clinic Bariatric surgeons at The London Clinic are experienced in the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RNY). This i...
A gastroscopy is often referred to as an endoscopy. Endoscopy is an umbrella term that describes all types of investigations that are done in the digestive system using an endoscope.
The London Clinic can perform surgery to physically remove the haemorrhoids and repair any damaged tissue. A fixed-price package for this treatment is available from £2,495.
HALO radiofrequency ablation treatment uses high frequency radio waves to destroy cancerous or damaged cells and is carried out during a standard endo...
Treatments for heartburn include dietary and lifestyle changes, and medicine. Anti-reflux surgery is also available.
Hernia surgery can repair the weakness in the muscle wall, prevent strangulation, relieve pain and place the hernia contents back in their correct position. All-inclusive payment package options are available for this treatment.
Intra-operative radiotherapy is when a very localised, high dose of radiation is given at the same time as the surgical treatment. The London Clinic is one of the few sites in the UK to offer treatment with the Carl Zeiss Intrabeam® system - a miniaturised X-ray device which is located within our on-site theatres.
Severe acute pancreatitis is usually treated in our intensive care unit so that complications such as kidney failure can be monitored and treated promptly.
The Rafaelo ® procedure is a safe and effective treatment for haemorrhoids (piles). The London Clinic is one of a handful of private hospitals in London to offer this revolutionary technique.
A sleeve gastrectomy reduces the size of the stomach by permanently removing about 75 % of its volume. The stomach is divided vertically from top to b...
An endoscopic examination of the small intestine, which can usually be completed in about 45 minutes and is done under sedation.
This minimally invasive procedure helps diagnose and treat conditions that results in the narrowing or obstruction of the bile duct.
Ulcerative colitis is a form of inflammatory bowel disease that affects the large bowel. In most patients, it can be kept under control using a planne...
Weight loss (or bariatric) surgery at The London Clinic is performed by highly experienced and skilled weight loss surgeons using the latest technique...

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