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Periacetabular osteotomy is a technique whereby the acetabulum (hip socket) is re-positioned to address certain abnormalities of the hip.

Usually these abnormalities would be when the hip socket does not cover enough of the femoral head (ball), a condition referred to as acetabular dysplasia.

Sometimes the main problem with the acetabulum is that it does not point in quite the right direction leading to an impingement problem and needs the same technique to optimise its position.

We use state of the art 3-D imaging with CT scans to evaluate the deformity that needs correcting and help with surgical planning.

The operation itself involves a series of bony cuts around the acetabulum which frees if from the surrounding pelvis and allows it to be moved into the optimal position for that hip. The socket is then rigidly fixed in its new position which will allow it to go on and unite to the surrounding bone again.

Although this surgery is a major intervention in relation to the hip and pelvis, our surgeons employ minimally invasive techniques to achieve this. This allows the surgery to be performed through a rather small cosmetic incision and makes the initial recovery quicker than with more traditional approaches.

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