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The term dialysis is much more familiar in the context of patients with kidney failure but The London Clinic now offers dialysis for patients with advanced liver disease.

What is MARS® dialysis?

The Molecular Adsorbents Recirculating System (MARS®) is used to ‘clean’ the blood of patients with serious liver disease. The normal liver has many different functions and if it starts to fail, toxins can build up to dangerous levels, damaging the liver yet further and affecting other body systems.

MARS® aims to mimic the detoxification function of the liver, stabilising the pt until the liver regenerates, or until a liver donor is found.
MARS® artificial liver machine is particularly useful where there has been a sudden deterioration in liver disease or where there is acute liver failure. Usually the machine is used for short periods of three to four days, rather than as long term treatment.

Having MARS® dialysis can help to stop the liver deteriorating, and can stabilise the patient while they wait for a liver transplant. One recent study showed MARS® increased survival rates among patients who went on to have a transplant from 77% to 94%.

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