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Intra-operative radiotherapy is when a very localised, high dose of radiation is given at the same time as the surgical treatment. The London Clinic is one of the few sites in the UK to offer treatment with the Carl Zeiss Intrabeam® system - a miniaturised X-ray device which is located within our on-site theatres.

The London Clinic works with leading surgeons and oncologists in the field to offer for Breast, Colorectal and Brain indications.

Intra-operative Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer – TARGIT IORT 

Intra-operative radiotherapy (IORT) is an innovative technique in which low-energy X-ray radiation is used to treat suitable patients affected by breast cancer. At the London Clinic, the Carl Zeiss Intrabeam® system is utilised at the time of surgery to precisely deliver the prescribed radiation dose to the site of the cancer. In most cases, this single one-off treatment replaces the traditional external beam radiotherapy technique, normally requiring 3-5 weeks of therapy over 15-25 separate visits to the hospital.

The Intrabeam® system has been subject to extensive research in order to compare IORT in relation to conventional whole-breast external beam radiotherapy. Between 2000-2012, the TARGIT-A randomised trial recruited over 3000 patients across Europe. Results published indicate that when IORT is given at the time of the surgery the success rate is similar to conventional treatment and notably IORT patients exhibited fewer associated side-effects.

The London Clinic participates in the Targit-R registry which helps ensure that patients are followed-up and safely monitored throughout their treatment and recovery.

Treatment steps 

Breast cancer treatments

Image courtesy of ZEISS IORT Solutions

Intra-operative Radiotherapy for Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is primarily treated with surgery but in some cases, in order to help reduce the chance of recurrence, intra-operative radiotherapy can be given during the operation. This dose is usually given as a boost in addition to external beam radiotherapy to deliver a safe and optimal dose to help treat the area of disease. The London Clinic works with leading surgeons and oncologists in this field to provide this treatment and were the first in the UK to use the Zeiss Intrabeam system with specifically designed “flat applicators” for colorectal cancer treatments.

Bowel cancer treatments

Image courtesy of ZEISS IORT Solutions

Intra-operative Radiotherapy for Brain Cancer (Glioblastoma) INTRAGO II 

Glioblastoma is an aggressive form of brain cancer which is traditional treated with a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and external beam radiotherapy. Despite this, due to the high growth rate of cells there is a high chance the tumour can reoccur. The London Clinic are the first centre in the UK to offer intraoperative radiotherapy for Glioblastoma with the Zeiss Intrabeam system. This allows a high dose of radiotherapy to be delivered during surgery before any cancerous cells have had the chance to regrow. This treatment shows great promise in the treatment of Glioblastoma and currently is only offered as part of a clinical trial, INTRAGO II. The London Clinic is the first centre to offer this trial in the UK in conjunction with our leading neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists.

Image courtesy of ZEISS IORT 

The IORT team at the London Clinic

The London Clinic works with leading specialist surgeons and oncologists, fully trained in up-to-date IORT treatment methods. The London Clinic IORT radiotherapy team consists of physicists and radiographers who provide expertise in the scientific and technical delivery of low energy X-rays. The team supported delivery of the first privately treated breast IORT patient in the UK, were the first site to utilise specialist “flat applicators” for dose delivery in colorectal applications and supported the UK implementation of the INTRAGO II trial for glioblastoma. The team have also contributed to research and international conferences in this specialist area.

Brian cancer treatments

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