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Gilbert’s syndrome is where the body cannot get rid of bilirubin (the resulting product created when the body ‘recycles’ dead red blood cells) as efficiently as it should.

Gilbert’s syndrome is often discovered unexpectedly when routine blood tests show a slightly raised level of bilirubin in the blood. The person affected usually has normal liver function test results.

Gilbert’s syndrome is usually diagnosed on the basis of:

  • Higher than normal levels of bilirubin in the blood
  • Normal liver function tests and no evidence of liver disease (someone with a more serious liver condition would have abnormal liver function)
  • Occasional episodes of jaundice
  • Genetic test which can reveal if someone thought to have Gilbert’s syndrome has a mutation in their UGT gene.

Although Gilbert’s syndrome is a mild condition that does not require treatment, jaundice and high blood levels of bilirubin can be symptoms of more serious conditions so it is important to rule them out, sometimes with further tests.

Treatment at The London Clinic

For more information about a private Gilbert’s syndrome diagnosis at The London Clinic complete the enquiry form or call the enquiry line on +44 (0) 207 616 7693.

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