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The London Clinic is the only hospital in the UK that has the necessary technology to deliver the world’s most up-to-date and advanced radiotherapy technique, that of combining the use of the RapidArc with Respiratory Gating. 

The use of RapidArc means that radiotherapy is customised to the individual patient’s personal anatomy.  Sparing a significant amount of the healthy tissue that surrounds the tumour means that higher doses of radiotherapy can be delivered, thereby increasing the radiotherapy success rate. 

This technique is extremely advanced because of the combination of the use of RapidArc with respiratory gating.  The human body is in constant motion, for example breathing, and so the area to be treated does not stay in the same place but moves within the body.  Respiratory gating is the clinical term for monitoring a patient’s breathing so that the treatment can be delivered at exactly the right time in the breath cycle and therefore the treatment ‘hits the target’, and only the target, each time. 


Delivering radiotherapy using the Gated RapidArc technique reduces the dose to the surrounding healthy tissue and so reduces the likelihood and impact of any side effects.  Therefore patients are less likely to require costly interventions to treat those side effects. 

Essentially, RapidArc Gating improves patient outcomes and lessens the burden of treatment, enabling our patients to maintain their quality of life.

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