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Treatment for Hyperventilation syndrome or breathing pattern disorders

Hyperventilation is over-breathing, i.e. breathing more than is necessary to meet the body's requirements.

When we over-breathe we eliminate large quantities of carbon dioxide on every outbreath. This causes a chemical imbalance affecting many of the body’s systems.

The results can be very unpleasant and sometimes frightening, causing us to become anxious. This can further upset our breathing pattern and a vicious circle develops.

Over-breathing is a perfectly normal reaction to any stressful situation. Generally, when this event has passed, breathing will return to a normal rate.

Sometimes, as a result of prolonged stress or a physical trigger, a continual pattern of over-breathing can occur, whereby the breathing pattern does not return to a normal level.

Watch: Butekyo Breathing

Butekyo Breathing aims to reduce symptoms, including shortness of breath, coughing and asthma attacks.

Julie Moore, a physiotherapist at The London Clinic, explains more in this video.

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