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Adaptive radiotherapy is a pioneering treatment that ensures greater treatment accuracy for bladder cancer, crucially sparing healthy tissue. The London Clinic is the first private hospital in London to offer adaptive radiotherapy, which offers a safe, effective alternative to traditional radiotherapy.

The bladder is a hollow, muscular balloon-like organ that collects and stores urine within the pelvis.  Bladder cancer is when a growth of abnormal tissue, known as a tumour, develops in the bladder lining. Around 10,300 people in the UK are diagnosed each year, making up 28 cases each day, and can be effectively treated using radiotherapy.

Adaptive radiotherapy constructs three radiation treatment plans; with a small, medium and large (standard) target area. A scan is performed each day as part of image guided radiotherapy (IGRT) to determine the size of the bladder immediately before treatment.

Our expert Radiographers are able to choose the smallest appropriate plan to be treated that day, ensuring dose delivery to the tumour and minimising radiotoxicity to healthy tissues. 

Understanding your Treatment   

Traditional radiotherapy involves placing a large margin around the bladder to deliver treatment, as the bladder can rapidly change shape and size day by day. These large margins lead to irradiation of surrounding healthy organs, such as small bowel, and increased risk of radiotoxicity.

Adaptive radiotherapy minimises radiotoxicity, and allows the reduction of treatment margins, while ensuring dose delivery to the tumour.

Treatment Facts 

Your consultant will define three radiation treatment volumes, using a small, medium and large target area. The Radiation Dosimetrists will carefully produce an individualised treatment plan for each.  A scan is performed each day on the treatment machine to determine the size of the bladder immediately before treatment. This allows our radiographers to choose the most appropriate plan to be treated that day.

Bladder Cancer Specialists at The London Clinic

Treatment Superintendent of Radiotherapy, Matthew Clark, was part of the group that launched the new adaptive radiotherapy service, which was led by Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Simon Hughes.

Cancer treatment can be stressful. The London Clinic’s priority is to provide you with support, comfort and expert cancer care. Our Consultant Urologist, Simon Hughes, and Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) have experience in adaptive radiotherapy and the management of bladder cancer. They will discuss your treatment options and take time to answer any questions you have. Your treatment will be discussed and planned at a multidisciplinary team meeting. Complementary therapy, counselling and an extensive physiotherapy service is also available at The London Clinic.

 Treatment Risks and Recovery

Radiotherapy is a proven safe and effective treatment. Modern day planning ensures side effects are minimal and will be managed by your CNS.

Why choose The London Clinic for radiotherapy?

The radiotherapy department at The London Clinic is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date and targeted treatments, using the latest technology, combined with specialist clinical expertise.

The London Clinic provides a comprehensive radiotherapy service and we are one of the first private hospitals in the UK to implement some of the latest treatments, most notably the Gated RapidArc technology, CyberKnife and Selective Internal Radiotherapy (SIRT). This state-of-the-art technology together with specialist imaging, not widely available in other hospitals, enables your radiotherapy to be tailored to the patient. Our treatment techniques allow for efficient delivery and maximal sparing of healthy tissue. Each bespoke treatment plan is monitored throughout treatment using online imaging techniques and adapted where necessary to ensure each patient receives the optimum dose.

Offering affordable and completive self-pay packages and expert support from Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS) and our specialised multidisciplinary teams, 98% of our patients said they would recommend The London Clinic to their friends and families.

Treatment cost

The London Clinic offers affordable, competitive self-pay packages for certain treatments.

Please call +44 (0)20 3613 7502 to speak to our helpful team to find out more and to book an appointment.

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