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The Biodex™ system is an isokinetic testing machine that provides valuable information to our physiotherapists about strength and muscle imbalances.

A physiotherapist alongside a patient in a Biodex machine

Often it is difficult to judge how strong your muscles are or how weak they have become, even for a physiotherapist.

Isokinetic assessment and treatment uses a highly sophisticated machine that produces a variable resistance to a movement, allowing your strength to be monitored.

The Biodex™ machine is a computer-controlled machine in which you sit and push a lever arm, either with your leg or your arm. The force you apply to the apparatus allows our physiotherapists to measure your exact strength.

This value can be compared with the normal population or compared with the opposite limb.

Not only will it diagnose the weakness, but also at what range of movement the weakness occurs and at what speed. This helps with the preparation of your exercise prescription.

This machine can also be used for specific strengthening exercise to target identified problem areas.

The biodex can be used to rehabilitate the following conditions:

Not only can the Biodex help with strength gains, it can also improve range of movement and loosen stiff joints.

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