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Navio® knee robotic surgery

The NAVIO® surgical system is an innovative approach to all forms of knee replacement surgery. The London Clinic is the first private hospital in central London to offer this system which uses robotic technology to support the skill of our surgeons. The system ensures increased precision and accuracy combined with faster recovery times.

In a healthy knee, the cartilage lining the b­­ones helps them glide over each other as you move. Arthritis and injury can damage or wear away this cartilage, making movement painful and difficult. If painkillers, exercise and physiotherapy don’t help to ease the pain, a partial or total surgical replacement of the knee joint may be necessary.

The NAVIO® Surgical System is designed to help the surgeon with the accurate placement of the knee implant, balancing of ligaments and preparing of bones. These are key factors in helping a knee replacement survive and succeed. Patients who have been treated using this system have been able to resume driving and return to work and hobbies more quickly.

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Why choose The London Clinic?

The London Clinic is one of England’s largest private hospitals. It is dedicated to providing the best, personalised healthcare with extensive surgical and medical experience and expertise.

Spanning Devonshire Place and Harley Street, The London Clinic is situated in the heart of London’s famous medical district. This central location together with state-of-the art facilities attracts a high calibre of staff, with world-renowned consultants choosing to operate and consult from TLC.

Offering fixed-price self-pay packages, a good Care Quality Commission rating and around-the-clock medical attention on site, the vast majority of patients say they would choose to use The London Clinic again.

Questions and concerns

Knee pain can be debilitating both physically and emotionally. Many people are concerned that the operation may increase pain or further decrease mobility.

However, knee replacement is one of the most commonly carried out orthopaedic surgeries and success rates are excellent. Nine out of ten people have immediate relief from pain and around 95% of people are satisfied following the procedure.

Knee replacement surgery cost

The London Clinic offers fixed-price knee replacement surgery from £6995 [1]with nursing, accommodation and food all included in the package. You can use insurance or choose to self-pay. This can be done simply over the telephone by debit or credit card or you can arrange a bank transfer.

Infection protection

The London Clinic takes MRSA and other infections very seriously. There is a stringent system of prevention and control. All surgical patients are screened as soon as they are admitted to The London Clinic and treated appropriately prior to their operation.

Treatment facts

What does the treatment involve?

A key advantage of the NAVIO® Surgical System is that there is no need for a preoperative CT scan, avoiding unnecessary radiation and making it time and cost-effective.

Knee replacement surgery takes place under general anaesthetic. Your surgeon will make an incision in the front of your knee and insert the robotic device.

The NAVIO® Surgical System identifies and relays information about your individual anatomy. The surgeon, working together with the surgical system can then replace the damaged joint surfaces, precisely insert the knee implant and balance the joint.

Once the new knee joint has been created, your surgeon will stitch the incision closed and apply an antiseptic dressing. Your knee will be bound with elastic bandages. This helps to support the new joint and reduces swelling.

Knee replacement surgery risks

There are risks with any surgery. Our surgeons, together with our experienced anaesthetists and nursing staff work to minimise these and support your safe recovery.

  • Infection: this can be treated with antibiotics, but occasionally requires further surgery
  • Allergy: Rarely, people have an allergic reaction to the cement used to secure the new knee implant
  • Unstable knee joint: The joint may dislocate or become unstable requiring further surgery, however the precision of the NAVIO® Surgical System reduces the risk of this happening
  • New bone formation: Occasionally extra bone can grow around the new joint and restrict movement, this can require further surgery to excise the bone
  • Deep vein thrombosis: A painful, red, swollen, hot leg could indicate a clot in the leg veins as a result of the decreased movement during and after surgery. The London Clinic uses support stockings, anticoagulant medications and early mobility to prevent DVT developing.
  • Ligament, artery or nerve damage: The skill of our surgeons, together with the precision of the robotic system helps to minimise the risk of damage, however it can occasionally occur

 Knee replacement surgery recovery time

Most people are discharged from The London Clinic within 1-4 days of knee replacement surgery. You should then have outpatient follow-up after six weeks.

Controlled mobilisation and exercise are an important part of the recovery process and our staff will advise you about safe rehabilitation. Your knee will continue to improve for up to two years and your new joint should be expected to last at least 20 years. 

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