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Fibroscan at the London Clinic

A FibroScan is a test that can reveal any fibrosis or fatty deposits within the liver. It is a non-invasive, quick and simple test that works using ultrasound and gives an immediate result.

The London Clinic is one of just a handful of hospitals in the UK that is able to offer our patients the upgraded FibroScan machine which not only measures liver stiffness but can also detect liver steatosis, known as fatty liver.

The FibroScan is completely painless and so you will not require an anaesthetic or any sedation. 

An experienced specialist clinician will pass an ultrasound wave into your abdomen around the area of your liver while you lie on your back.  A mechanical pulse at the surface of the skin passes through the liver creating an ‘elastic wave’. The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes.

A Fibroscan being used on a patient

What is Fibrosis?

Fibrosis is stiffening and scarring of the liver caused by different liver diseases and conditions such as:

  • Fatty liver disease
  • Liver damage due to alcohol abuse such as cirrhosis
  • Chronic viral hepatitis

Your liver carries out several essential functions in your body including detoxifying harmful substances, cleaning your blood and producing vital nutrients.

Detecting fibrosis early provides an opportunity to change your lifestyle to prevent the fibrosis becoming more widespread and leading to an even more severe chronic liver disease.

Getting the results of your Fibroscan

All patients should get their FibroScan results immediately. These results, displayed as readings rather than an image, will show whether there are any regions of scarring and also how stiff your liver is.  One of our specialist consultants will help you to understand your individual results. 

Ideally a FibroScan is carried out in combination with a panel of liver blood tests. We also offer a FibroScan package with consultation and no blood tests. You can discuss your requirements when booking your appointment. 

When all the results are available we can arrange a consultation with a hepatologist to discuss your results and any changes in lifestyle that may be necessary. 

How do I get a Fibroscan?

You can be referred by your GP, or you can contact us directly for an appointment.

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