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Available Packages

Your medical will involve a full, one-hour consultation with either Dr McKenna or Dr Shoukru.   The consultation will include:

  • Full medical history
    The doctor will take a family history and your past medical history, and take note of your current health concerns
  • Full blood screening
    Including: full blood count, biochemistry (liver, kidney, bone profile), vitamin D, lipid profile, ferritin (iron stores), prostate profile (men)

​Tests and profiles

These discussions and additional tests are available to you, based on your history and risk assessment:

  • Metabolic syndrome blood tests
    Lipid profile, HbA1c (diabetes test over 3 months), insulin, glucose
  • Sports performance profile
    Looking more specifically at vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, full blood count, iron etc
  • Cardiovascular profiles
    A in-depth analysis of cardiac risk: blood tests, cardiac investigations, exercise, electrocardiogram tests etc 

Patients are able to add on the following to their package:

  • Bone density/DEXA tests
    In these tests, we will look for bone density. and use your personal medical history to check whether you are at risk of having osteopenia or osteoporosis
  • Bone density and body composition scan
    For more nutritional analysis and focused medicals for looking at visceral fat, muscle stores, etc
  • Exercise electrocardiogram
    For those interested in a sports focus or preparing for a sporting event advice
  • Block booking for physiotherapy
    Please see the panel on this page for details of available physiotherapy treatments and equipment

Patients have the option of a full and comprehensive package, which includes:

  • Full nutrition and lifestyle medical 1 - 1.5 hrs
  • Body scan
  • Nutritional focus and management of results: 4 consultations of 20 minutes, one a week after all investigations, then at two-week intervals for monitoring of interventions (for example physio, nutritionist, dietician). 
  • Repeat Body composition scan (at 12 weeks).
  • A final appointment.  

All results and analysis from these tests are included.  Please mention that you are interested in the VIP package when you book, so that these tests can be pre-arranged.

Pricing information

We have a range of packages on offer. Please contact us directly for further information: office@pixieandsera.com.

Prices for the below start from £695.

Medical + Base blood tests 
Medical + Base bloods + Metabolic screen
Medical + Base bloods + Sports Performance
Medical + Base bloods + Metabolic Screen + Sports Performance
Medical + Base bloods + Cardiovascular screen
Medical + Base bloods + Metabolic + Cardiovascular
Medical + Base bloods + Metabolic + Cardiovascular + Sports performance

Prices for the below start from £400.

Body Composition Analysis and follow-up consultation 

This bespoke package can include:

  • Full Medical covering metabolic, cardiac and sports bloods
  • Options to integrate body composition analysis
  • Follow-up consultations for monitoring
  • Focus on food diary data and detailed analysis
  • Serial monitoring of body parameters
  • Creating bespoke lifestyle, exercise and dietary interventions

Prices start from £2,340.