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At The London Clinic the treatment and care of patients diagnosed with cancer are discussed and treatment recommendations are made at Cancer Multidisciplinary Team meetings - also known as MDTs or MDMs or Tumour Boards.

What is a multidisciplinary team meeting?

A multidisciplinary team meeting (MDT) is a group of healthcare professionals with expertise in a specific cancer, who together discuss an individual patient’s care. The MDT team is responsible for confirming a cancer diagnosis, recommending a treatment plan and developing the individual treatment pathways for patients. MDT are considered the ‘gold standard’ in terms of patient management. The team approach ensures effective evidence-based collaboration between the Specialists.

Our MDT meetings are well established and well attended. It is a great forum for knowledge sharing between the attendees. Cases are added for discussion by the patient’s Consultant. The team members share and discuss their opinions, in order to formulate a research based treatment recommendation tailored to the needs of each patient. Clinical Trials, cutting edge techniques, treatments and recently published studies are discussed by world’s leading Consultants and our highly skilled Nursing Team.

Our MDT teams

The Chair of each Oncology MDT meeting is an appropriately qualified Consultant with acknowledged expertise in the appropriate speciality for the particular patient. The Core Team includes Consultant Surgeons, MDT Coordinator, Medical Oncologists, Histopathologists, Specialist Nurses, Clinical Oncologists, Radiologists and any other Specialists who deliver direct patient care linked to the speciality.

The Extended Team includes further Consultants involved in the specific tumour area as well as Nurses, Dieticians, Pharmacists, Physiotherapists, Radiotherapists and any other appropriate member of staff linked to the speciality.

MDT recommendation

After the meeting the patient’s Consultant will receive a copy of the MDT recommendation agreed at the MDT meeting and a copy will be added to the patient’s The London Clinic Medical Record. The final decision about each patient’s treatment plan is made in consultation between the patient and the Consultant.

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