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Halal menu

All of the meat we use for our Arabic menu is Halal so you can rest assured that we are understanding of your culture.


  • Mini vegetable Samosa with minted yoghurt dip
  • Moutabbal with pitta bread eggplant and tahini puree
  • Laban bikhiyaar yoghurt and cucumber dip with pitta bread
  • Rocket and artichoke salad Marinated artichokes with leaves of rocket, crouton, parmesan and creamy Ranch dressing
  • Mezze platter of hummus, moutabal (roasted aubergine dip), stuffed roasted peppers, pickled garlic, mixed pickles, tzatziki, roasted aubergine and chopped salad with tahini sauce on the side


  • Lebanese lamb meatballs with tomato and okra sauce
  • Chicken kebab Shish Taouk with feta cheese, lemon and garlic
  • Lamb Makbous middle eastern lamb cooked with rice and scented with herbs, garlic and baharat spice mix
  • Tiger prawn Makbous tiger prawns cooked with rice and scented with herbs, garlic and baharat spice mix
  • Moroccan Black Bream Charmoula Spiced, marinated black bream fillet


  • Steamed vegetables  
  • Okra in tomato sauce  
  • Butter beans cooked in tomato sauce 
  • Fried potatoes with cumin    
  • Basmati rice


  • Mahalabia
  • Cut fresh fruits with honey yogurt
  • Fresh exotic fruit salad (diabetic version available)
  • Seasonal fruit selection
  • Fresh fruit jelly with or without fruit pieces

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