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The Radiotherapy pathway

What to expect when you are referred for Radiotherapy at The London Clinic.

Your clinical oncologist will complete a radiotherapy referral form and send this, along with a copy of your consent form, to the Radiotherapy bookings team.

The bookings team will then contact you to arrange your pre-treatment CT appointment and ask you some questions about you and some other preferences.

You will attend an appointment in our Pre-treatment department in B1, Duchess of Devonshire Wing.

Firstly, you will have a session with one of our therapy radiographers. They will ask you some questions about your health, explain your treatment process and answer any questions you may have. They will also give you some information leaflets.

You may have to fill your bladder and empty your bowels for the scan and treatment.

The radiotherapy we deliver is completely personalised to you so individual patient instructions will be given to you if this is applicable for your treatment. 

In order for us to get the best images, we may also ask you to hold your breath during the scan or have a cannula inserted into your vein so we can deliver some contrast (this makes some areas of the body easier to see on the scan).

If this has been requested by your doctor, the radiographer with explain all this to you.

We may need to make some personalised immobilisation to help keep you still during the treatment such as a mask or a personalised pillow; if this is required we will explain the process to your and try to make it as comfortable as possible. 

You will not feel anything during the CT scan.

To ensure we can get you in the same place for treatment, we may take some photographs, make some marks on the personalised immobilisation or make some permanent marks on your skin. The radiographers will explain everything to you before doing so.

At the end of this appointment we will give you a treatment start date and your list of future appointments.

In between your pre-treatment CT appointment and your first treatment, your doctor will work closely with our dosimetrists, medical physicists and radiographers to create a personalised treatment plan for you.

This involves looking at your CT scan and planning on where the radiation dose will go when you have treatment.

This treatment plan will be checked repeatedly and an accurate dose calculation completed.

On your first day of treatment, this first thing that will happen is you will have a short consultation with one of our treatment radiographers.

They will ensure you have all the information you need and they will also confirm you are happy to continue with your treatment.

When you are ready and the room has been set up for your specific requirements, the Radiographers will invite you into the Treatment Room.

The radiographers will then get you in the same position you were in for your pre-treatment CT scan, it may involve getting you to move up or down the bed or the radiographers helping you move.

It is important you lie as still as possible and relax on the bed. 

The Radiographers may use the mask or personalised pillow made at your Pre-Treatment CT scan to get you in the same position. If you held your breath during your CT scan they may also ask you to do the same during your treatment; if this is required then the Radiographers will explain everything to you. 

Once the Radiographers are happy that you are in the correct position they will leave the room.

During the treatment you will not feel or see the radiation but you will see the machine moving around you and hear the machine buzzing.

There is CCTV in the rooms as well as a microphone and speakers. The radiographers are watching you all the time and you can call out to them if you need them.

For most treatments the Radiographers will complete some pre-treatment imaging. This uses some equipment that is attached to the linear accelerator to check you are in exactly the same position as when you had your CT scan and that the treatment is in exactly the right place.

Sometimes these images look like x-rays (kV imaging) and other times they look like CT scan images (CBCT).  These images will depending on the area we are treating and on your doctor's instructions is.

When the treatment has finished, the radiographers will come in and help you off the bed. It is important you do not try and get down yourself as the bed raises to quite a height and you may hurt yourself if you fall.

Most appointments last between 20 and 30 minutes.

Your consultant may ask to see you whilst you are on treatment and will arrange these appointments with you directly.

You will also be reviewed by our Radiotherapy Clinical Nurse Specialist and our trained radiographers who will ensure you are monitored during treatment.

You may also see other Clinical Nurse Specialists depending on your diagnosis and other allied health professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists or Dieticians (this is dependent on your diagnosis) who will support you throughout your treatment.

After your radiotherapy treatment is completed, we will give you some information to take home and ensure you have our contact details.

We will also ring you a few weeks after treatment to check how you are and if we can help you any further.

Your doctor will arrange all follow-up appointments and scans with you directly.