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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery, also known as reconstructive surgery can repair and restore appearance and function that has been lost.

Trust our London-based plastic surgeons to assist you with your reconstructive surgery requirements.

Reconstructive surgery should not be confused with cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery

People who come to The London Clinic for cosmetic surgery may have an imperfection that is affecting their confidence or self-esteem, such as a nose they think is too large or ears that stick out.

Whatever the reason, the techniques and skills used by surgeons at The London Clinic are among the best in the world.

plastic surgery after cancer treatment

Surgery or radiotherapy used to treat cancers at various sites in the body can be successful, but sometimes healthy tissue surrounding the tumour is not left undamaged. Reconstructive surgery can then be necessary to help restore function and appearance.

Plastic surgery can play an important role in rehabilitation after various types of cancer treatments:

  • Mastectomy for breast cancer - many different types of breast reconstruction techniques are now available, providing a wide choice for individual women
  • Head and neck cancer - facial reconstruction surgery is a particular expertise at The London Clinic
  • Surgery for skin cancer - patients may need a skin graft or skin flap to repair the skin defect
  • Surgery for colorectal cancer, gynaecological or peritoneal cancers - our reconstructive surgeons have developed novel surgical approaches to repair defects in the bowel and to correct fistulas.

Cancer care section

A breast surgeon at work

Plastic surgery following trauma

Any type of accident, whether because of physical impact or burns, can cause injury that results in loss of tissue or directly damages the bones, limbs, hands, feet or face

Infection, particularly severe skin infections, can also lead to disfigurement. 

Plastic surgery can repair the damage and cosmetic techniques are combined with reconstructive surgical techniques to restore a natural appearance as far as possible.

At The London Clinic we have specialists who can offer:

  • Reconstructive surgery to repair upper and lower limbs
  • Reconstruction to restore the function and appearance of the hand, for example due to ulnar nerve compression, hand paralysis, Dupuytren’s disease, the effects of arthritis and nerve ganglion problems
  • Facial reconstruction to repair the bones and tissues of the face
  • Skin grafting and scar reduction in patients with burn damage to the skin or after extensive lacerations

Cosmetic surgery on the body

Graphic of a hand holding some side belly fat

In addition to work on the breasts and face, plastic and reconstructive surgeons also offer surgery to reduce excess skin after weight loss.

This can include relatively minor procedures on the upper arms, inner thighs or a tummy tuck, as well as the much more extensive circumferential body lift required by people who have lost excessive amounts of weight in a short time.

We also offer:

Cosmetic breast surgery

Female patient discussing a breast implant

We offer three main types of cosmetic breast surgery:

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery Treatments and Conditions

At The London Clinic, our specialists deal with treatments ranging from abdominoplasty to rhinoplasty.

Face lifts and eye lifts are also procedure in which our experts are very experienced.

We can also treat you for common conditions such as benign skin problems; or assist those having issues with breast development.

Our Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery specialists

Our world-renowned experts treat a range of conditions, a number of which are cancer-related.

They have access to cutting-edge treatments available at The London Clinic.

Visit a consultant's profile to see details of their expertise, and the days on when they are available. 

Make an appointment query online and our dedicated Appointments team will arrange for you to meet with a consultant as soon as it is convenient for you.

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The Plastic and reconstructive surgery team

The plastic and reconstructive surgery team is based on the 5th floor unit of the main hospital at 20 Devonshire Place. They are a dedicated, patient focused team and are committed to delivering high quality care. 

The team take intense pride in ensuring that they all work together, and to enable this to be effective, there are systems and processes in place to ensure this happens day in, day out.

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