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The London Clinic’s team of experienced chartered physiotherapists provide a wide range of treatments to patients who are staying at the Clinic and also to those who come to us for outpatient treatment.

Every physiotherapist at The London Clinic is chartered, highly skilled and experienced.

Physiotherapy aims to:

  • Encourage tissue healing by controlling and reducing pain and inflammation
  • Restore normal range of motion by integrating the muscular, joint and nervous systems
  • Identify and treat problems and reduce the risk of re-occurrence

Should you wish to discuss a surgical option, we have a number of spinal consultants who specialise in back pain.

Physiotherapy Treatments at The London Clinic

Our physiotherapists can provide a wide range of assessment and treatment techniques to:

  • improve function
  • aid recovery
  • improve general health and well-being.

We provide innovative treatment options in both our inpatient and outpatient settings.

We tailor-make our treatment plans to fit the goals of our patients, whether they are inpatients or outpatients.

Patient TestimonIal: Maung Aung Htun, (M. A Htun)

Speaking after a month of intensive physiotherapy treatment, Aung said:

"I spent some time as a patient at The London Clinic a year ago, and during the recovery period, I was introduced to the Physiotherapy Inpatient team who showed me there could be a huge amount of benefit to a regular program of strengthening for me.  


I only have good things to say. They’ve been very encouraging and patient with me.
Maung Aung Htun, (M. A Htun)Patient

"As a result, I have come back to London this Spring to work with the Physiotherapy team there as an outpatient, both in the gym, and in their hydrotherapy pool.

“The physiotherapy has been hugely beneficial for me. I’ve noticed a lot of small but important improvements, making day-to-day activities easier. For example, I can bend more and squat and lift easier. I can also lift my foot a little – whereas I couldn’t do that before.”

Davide Lanfranco, Physiotherapist at The London Clinic said: “It’s been privilege to work with someone like Aung who likes exercising and wants to push himself. We develop tailored exercise programmes for all our patients, including Aung, according to their condition, motivation and goals.”

Maung Aung Htun receiving treatment from David Lanfranco

Speaking of the treatment he’s received, Aung added: “I only have good things to say. They’ve been very encouraging and patient with me. They’ve pushed me - in a very positive way and only as hard as I want to go. 

“It’s been a pleasure, a lot of hard work but fun. The team have also kindly allowed me to film some of the sessions so I can continue my progress when I return home to Bangkok.”

PAy a Fixed Price for A Nutrition and Lifestyle Medical

Dr Sera Shoukru consults with a patient

The London Clinic offers bespoke, specialist medicals from two of our experienced GPs.

Your detailed consultation will be with either Dr Pixie McKenna or Dr Sera Shoukru, who provide a personal service aimed at making you as healthy as possible.

Blood tests and other detailed information (e.g. body fat analysis, muscle mass) will be backed up by expert nutritional advice.  You will also be directed to make use of The London Clinic's expertise and equipment in other areas, such as physiotherapy.

Find out more: Medicals

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