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Urology Services at the London Clinic

The London Clinic’s team of experts specialise in problems of the bladder, prostate and kidneys, offering treatment for conditions including incontinence and cancer.

You’ll benefit from the latest diagnostic and medical equipment and a wide range of expertise from a team of over 30 consultant urologists.

The London Clinic was the first private hospital in the UK to introduce robotic surgery, such as the Da Vinci® robot, to offer the most minimally invasive surgery while completely removing cancer from the prostate.

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

The prostate gland, bladder and urethra and the zones of the prostate in cross section.

For men suffering with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), The London Clinic offers revolutionary treatments such as:

Our experienced consultants who offer these treatments will be able to discuss these options with you.

Prostate cancer

Urological specialists working within the The London Clinic offer all aspects of prostate cancer care:

Prostate cancer specialists

Prostate cancer cells visualisation

Urinary incontinence

Doctor wearing gloves with a male patient in the background

Our consultant urologists offer a range of treatments for male urinary incontinence

The benefits are:

  • Immediate, visible result
  • Rapid symptom relief
  • No tissue removal or ablation
  • Minimal downtime
  • Preservation of sexual function

Incontinence specialists

Robotic surgery specialists

Our urology specialty is closely linked with robotic surgery. Our surgeons use the innovative da Vinci® robot to perform:

  • Radical prostatectomy
  • Surgery for bladder cancer
  • Surgery for kidney cancer, including partial nephrectomy

​Robotic surgery for prostate cancer

Surgeon working with the da Vinci robot

Our Urology specialists

Our experts treat a wide range of urology conditions, delivering care within a highly skilled Multi-Disciplinary Team.

They have access to cutting-edge technologies and treatments available at The London Clinic.

Our appointment team will arrange for you to meet with a consultant as soon as it is convenient for you.

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