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sexual health screening At The London Clinic

The London Clinic offers a sexual health screening service, provided by two of our experienced GPs, Dr Pixie McKenna or Dr Sera Shoukru.

Collectively they have spent over three decades working in this area so rest assured there's no need to be embarrassed, whatever your concern or clinical symptom.

Their clinic offers 'same day' testing and treatment, and aims to have the majority of your results back within four hours.

If you have any doubts about which tests may be appropriate for you you can contact the service confidentially with your enquiry. 

Dr Pixie consults with a patient

What the service covers

Dr Sera Shoukru consults with a patient

  • Full sexual health screening
  • HIV screening
  • Hepatitis screening and vaccination
  • HPV screening and vaccination
  • Treatment of genital warts
  • Erectile dysfunction treatment 

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