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Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicals At The London Clinic

Dr Sera Shoukru consults with a patient

The London Clinic offers bespoke, specialist medicals from two of our experienced GPs.

Your detailed consultation will be with either Dr Pixie McKenna or Dr Sera Shoukru, who provide a personal service aimed at making you as healthy as possible.

Blood tests and other detailed information (e.g. body fat analysis, muscle mass) will be backed up by expert nutritional advice.  You will also be directed to make use of The London Clinic's expertise and equipment in other areas, such as physiotherapy.

What are the benefits?

The medical aims to give you as much information as possible, using the technology we have available at The London Clinic.

Each medical is bespoke and can be built upon, with extra tests and services.

Our aim is to provide you with a smooth pathway through our departments, so that you come away with a clear picture of your current health and the steps you can take to improve it.

Dr Pixie McKenna in her surgery

What we offer

Our full list of tests and packages cover a range of tests and services, including:

  • Fat mass, muscle mass, bone density
  • Strength and conditioning, physiotherapy
  • Cardiac screening and sports screening
  • Liver health
  • Well-being and breast screening
  • Men's health and lifestyle assessment

The results of any tests will be given to you as soon as possible, as The London Clinic has on-site testing and analysis facilities.

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Close-up of a patient's arm being prepared for a blood test