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Your Health and Wellbeing after cancer treatment

For many of our patients, the end of cancer treatment brings with it a surprising mixture of feelings. On one hand, there is a feeling of relief; and certainly, we hear from our patients, that their family members and friends are eager and waiting to ‘get back to normal’.  However, this isn’t the whole story.


Moving On


A high number of our patients also describe feeling uncertain about the future, and somewhat lost at what to do next.

There may be a lot of questions in the air.

"So, now my treatment’s over, what next?"

"Now, what?"

"How do I get back to normal?"

But what is normal?

This might be because the cancer or its treatment has caused side effects or physical changes. Or it might be because relationships with family, friends or colleagues have changed.

As one patient remarked, “After I got to the end of 18 months of treatment, everyone around me started saying, ‘It’s great that you’re better now’. But in reality, this was just the beginning of a long process of recovery and discovery”.

Moving on sessions at the london clinic 

Paying attention to these concerns, here at The London Clinic, we wanted to offer patients the chance to learn about what can be most helpful in the post-treatment period, as well as having a safe place where they could talk about their concerns.

Many of those who attend, have found the added benefit of shared experience and mutual support very valuable.

We therefore offer a series of sessions focusing on health and wellbeing once cancer treatment has ended.

Each session focuses on a different aspect of wellbeing, ranging from exercise and nutrition, to sexual health and emotional wellbeing. 

Moving On workshops


Moving On workshops dates and times 

We welcome you to join us for this series of free workshops which focus on different aspects of health and wellbeing, so that you can move towards devising your own Individualised Wellness Plan. By attending these sessions, our hope is that our patients reach a point where they are able to create their own tailored Individual Wellness Plan.

We will explore the importance of movement and exercise in recovery.

Topics covered also  include Yoga, Pilates and Acupuncture as part of your return to physical activity.

Lorraine Grover, Psychosexual Nurse specialist, will be talking about the impact of cancer on sex, intimacy and relationships.

Join us for a workshop which explores the role of complementary therapies and mindfulness after cancer treatment. We will also bring together all the strands from earlier sessions,  and help you create your own Individualised Wellness plan. 

Come together as a patient group,  to hear a personal reflection on recovery from one of our patients.

How to Book 

If you would like to discuss these Moving On sessions please contact your clinical nurse specialist (CNS), or contact Mandy Hatcher, on 020 7935 4444 x 8551,  for further information, or to make your booking.

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