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Medical Physics at the London clinic

The London Clinic’s physicists and dosimetrists work closely in multidisciplinary teams with experts from all specialities to manage and develop new treatments and techniques.

They ensure that complex treatments are precisely tailored  to suit the individual needs of each patient and that they are accurately delivered with strong emphasis on patient safety.

Our team of six medical physicists and two dosimetrists support many of The London Clinic’s departments, including:

  • Radiotherapy
  • Molecular imaging
  • Oncology
  • Theatres
  • Radiology

Treatment planning 

Radiotherapy planning starts by taking a 3D image of a patient. Our highly skilled dosimetrists and physicists use this in combination with highly sophisticated software to compute and optimise bespoke treatment plans for each patient.

Our experienced team work alongside your doctor to determine the most beneficial dose delivery for your treatment. Complex algorithms and radiation physics combine to calculate how the plan may be delivered on our treatment machines. Upmost care is given to ensure the treatment is safe and delivered with pinpoint accuracy.

Our physicists and dosimetrists both advise doctors when required on the best treatment strategies for their patients.

Particularly complex patient treatments are individually evaluated by highly detailed measurements by physicists on the treatment machine prior to treatment, requiring a high level of skill and analysis.

Medical physics for oncology

Physicists and dosimetrists play a critical role in the delivery of radiation to treat cancer. Dosimetrists ensure the required dose prescription is safely delivered by creating a treatment plan which focuses on the target while sparing healthy tissue. This helps to achieve the desired treatment outcome while also maintaining quality of life.

Medical physicists work to ensure that the advanced radiotherapy treatment machines and scanners used in the hospital are accurately calibrated and functional within strict tolerances. 

Routine safety checks are performed on each patient plan to ensure each treatment is optimised. 

In addition to this Medical Physics works to implement new and improved treatment techniques as to help offer the latest and most beneficial treatments are available to our patients.

Medical Physics is based in the radiotherapy department but is regularly involved with radionuclide therapies in Nuclear Medicine, intraoperative radiotherapy in the London Clinic theatres and hospital radiation safety and training.