Neuromodulation therapies including:

Deep Brain Stimulation

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Thalamotomy, Pallidotomy

Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation

Vagal Nerve Stimulation

Motor Cortex Stimulation

Occipital Nerve Stimulation

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See a list of conditions - from Parkinson's Disease, dystonia and tremor to chronic pain - which can be treated by our consultants.

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"The operation was a great success. Not only did the tremors in my left arm and leg completely disappear but so did the tremors in my mouth. My left arm returned to swinging naturally. Although my speech was not expected to improve appreciably, it has noticeably improved. My confidence has returned. Mr Pereira and his team attended me diligently after the operation and I was discharged from hospital within a couple of days. I am very grateful for the treatment which I received under Mr Pereira."
Thalamotomy patient
"Dr. Tavakkoli is a great pain consultant - caring knowledgeable and trustworthy."
Patient with failed back surgery pain
"In the beginning I entered into this whole process absolutely petrified. Yet by the time I walked into theatre I felt completely relaxed and calm. I felt safe. I had made a decision I could live with whatever the outcome, because I was confident that everyone around me in Mr Pereira's team was going to do their best for me and you can't ask for more than that really. I'm home now, with no dyskinesia, able to stride down the street. What a transformative experience after a year of being housebound.
International patient with deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease
"I need to mention the neurologist on the team who did my pre-surgical assessment and who does follow up programming of the DBS device, Dr Dominic Paviour. Assuming good patient selection and a positive surgical outcome, your DBS experience is still only as good in the long run, as the quality of its programming. This is a collaborative process between the programmer and the patient and I am prepared to travel back to the UK on an ongoing basis to achieve optimal programming of the device with Dr Paviour, who is patient, knowledgeable and responsive to my questions."
International patient with deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease

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Our team of consultants - Mr Pereira, Prof. Aziz, Prof. Nandi, Dr. Paviour and and Dr. Tavakkoli are all highly experienced with specialist knowledge of deep brain stimulation. Find out more about them and request an appointment online.

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