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Medical Admissions Unit:

The Medical Admissions Unit at The London Clinic

The London Clinic’s Medical Admissions Unit (MAU) facilitates urgent, acute admissions to the hospital whilst maintaining the highest levels of patient safety and evidence based care.

Its dedicated admissions hotline gives GPs direct access to the intensivist on call, with a Level 3 Intensive Care Unit in support.

The MAU also provides a gateway to the expertise of our world class consultants for seriously ill patients who require immediate medical attention.

A nurse with a patient at The London Clinic

ICU at The London Cliinic

Our 13-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a state-of-the-art facility specifically designed to provide the best environment to care for seriously unwell patients. 

ICUs are uncommon in independent hospitals but with the comprehensive range of medical specialities we support on site, The London Clinic has the expertise and facilities to deliver the complex care needs of these patients.

Our ICU is supported by a dedicated team of specialist intensive care consultants and our highly-skilled nurses who are available 24 hours a day.

The medical team cares for our patients in spacious, private rooms, equipped with sophisticated medical technology that enables them to personalise each room according to the needs of their patients. 

Personalisation includes the addition of specialist systems or equipment to support the patient’s healthcare needs and, facilities such as sophisticated lighting controls, television and wireless connectivity to help make their stay with us more comfortable.

Continuity of care is important to us at The London Clinic and the care offered by our ICU nurses extends beyond the unit to support patients as they recover and are discharged from the ICU and onto the wards. 

Two ICU nurses at work


Frequently asked questions

If you have a patient in need of urgent care, call the Admissions Hotline on 020 8712 9988.

Our operating hours are 9am – 9pm Monday - Sunday.

Obviously for immediate medical emergencies, call 999 (in the UK).

Once you have called the Admissions Hotline and arranged the admission, your patient will be seen as soon as they arrive on site.

We have a dedicated team of acute care specialists on stand-by; they will be ready and waiting to receive your patient.

On arrival, your patient will be quickly triaged by our acute care experts and either:

  • admitted to one of our dedicated MAU beds
  • sent for further diagnostics tests or scans
  • transferred to an appropriate medical speciality within the hospital.  

We have a dedicated team of acute care specialists on stand-by, supported by a team of six, on-call intensivists.

The team has a wide breadth of experience across acute medicine giving them the expertise to deal with the variety of complex cases that come through the MAU.

They also have access to The London Clinic’s world-class consultants and will ensure that your patient is referred to the most appropriate expert for treatment.

Support will be provided by our excellent nursing teams.  Our patient to nurse ratio is 4:1).

Yes. It is extremely important to us that once your patient’s treatment with us has ended, they are discharged back into your care.

We will ensure that you are able to speak to the responsible consultant and that you receive a full account of your patient’s care to enable you to manage any ongoing treatment.

There are some patients we cannot admit. Any patients who require immediate lifesaving interventions or are at greater risk to deteriorate will be directed to the NHS 999 emergency service.

You can access our exclusion criteria below.  

If you are still unsure whether your patient meets the criteria or not, please call 020 8712 9988 to discuss.

We request a deposit of £3,000 from all patients either prior or on arrival, which will cover the initial costs of understanding what might be happening to the patient, including consultation, blood works, and use of a bed.

Alternatively, some private medical insurances will cover urgent treatment. The patient will need to contact their insurer to confirm and get a payment code.

  1. Patients over the age of 18 requiring treatment of disease, disorder or injury, diagnostic and screening procedures, management of supply of blood and blood derived products that are within the remit of The London Clinic and have been assessed by a GP, Physician or Surgeon and has been identified as having a medical condition requiring hospital admission. All medical patients are accompanied with the referral letter from their referring Doctor.
  2. Any patients who require immediate lifesaving interventions or are at greater risk to deteriorate will be directed to NHS 999 emergency service.

  1. Children and young adults under the age of 18 years.
  2. Patients who require admission for treatment of any psychiatric illness or alcohol/drug detoxification.
  3. Patients with acute/confirmed diagnosed sepsis and live further than 60 minutes away.
  4. Patients with notifiable diseases or specific infectious conditions that may pose a threat to the health of staff or other patients (see section 4.1 and 4.2 of the general Admissions policy and the Infection Control policy).
  5. Patients requiring cardiac surgery or with any suggestion of an acute myocardial infarction or similar condition where the patient would be best treated in a centre providing immediate thrombolysis, angiography and acute stenting procedures. The London Clinic MAU Exclusion criteria (continued) should ensure that no delays are incurred as a result of any discussion in this circumstance as it is time critical for the patient to reach the right facility.
  6. Patients with the possible diagnosis of an acute stroke who should be treated in a Stroke Unit within the NHS. The London Clinic should ensure that no delays are incurred as a result of any discussion in this circumstance as it is time critical for the patient to reach the right facility.
  7. Patients requiring antenatal or obstetric care beyond 20 weeks.
  8. Burns patients who are undergoing or require acute specialist clinical and nursing interventions and treatment which require a Specialist Burns Unit.
  9. Patients with acute gastro-intestinal haemorrhage requiring immediate resuscitation and endoscopic treatment.
  10. Patients receiving oncological therapy in the UK. Patients receiving treatment in TLC are expected to access admission via Bleep 301.
  11. Patients receiving oncological therapy elsewhere in the UK are expected to contact their designated Acute Oncology Service.
  12. Any patients who require immediate lifesaving interventions or are at greater risk to deteriorate, will be directed to NHS 999 emergency service.

The Primary Care Liaison Team

The Primary Care Liaison team supports the many healthcare professionals that refer patients to us and helps maintain the flow of information between the hospital and the referrer. The team are here to support you and your practice with:

  • Enquiries about The London Clinic’s consultants, services and facilities
  • Managing patient referrals to our consultants, diagnostic services and therapies units
  • Expediting and obtaining patient reports and hospital letters
  • Practice development  and continuing professional development through our extensive, year round educational events programme

Medical Admissions

A nurse with a patient

Facilitating acute admissions into The London Clinic whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety and care, supported by a consultant on-call rota.

Concierge service

Chauffeur loading suitcases into a luxury car

We can support our patients with travel, hotel accommodation, London tours, plus theatre and restaurant reservations.

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Main numbers

General enquiries: 020 7935 4444 Appointments: 020 7616 7693 Self-Pay: 020 3219 3315

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Other numbers

Concierge service: 020 3219 3323International office: 020 3219 3266Invoice and payment enquiries: 020 7616 7708Press office 020 7616 7676

Your call may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

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