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Dr Pixie McKenna and Dr Sera Shoukru provide their best tips for staying well while you're on your holidays.

About Dr Pixie McKenna

Dr Pixie McKenna is a Private GP partner at ‘Pixie and Sera’ based at The London Clinic. She specialises in all aspects of General Practice, lifestyle screening, sexual and reproductive health care and dermatology. She is a regular contributor to print and broadcast media and is best known for her role as a Screen Doctor in Embarrassing Bodies.
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About Dr Sera Shoukru

Dr Sera Shoukru is a Private GP Partner at ‘Pixie and Sera’ based at The London Clinic. She specialises in all aspects of General Practice. She is a GP specialist in sexual and reproductive health care and complex contraceptive needs. She has postgraduate qualifications in Sports and Exercise Medicine, is a registered Nutritionist and is passionate about lifestyle and health screening.
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Think abouT your holiday health

As the summer holiday season approaches and you count down the time to that long overdue vacation, don’t forget to stop and think about your travel health.

Although most European destinations are safe with regards to vaccination requirements, do check out the travel websites with regards to infectious diseases, health outbreaks and required precautions.

Two suggested links for you to check are: https://travelhealthpro.org.uk/countries and www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk.

Senior man smiling in a summer woodland setting


Holidays further afield do need more careful planning as prevention of transmissible infections based on your chosen adventure need to be considered at least four weeks in advance.  For example:

  • Typhoid vaccinations, to prevent water-borne infection
  • Hepatitis A vaccinations or boosters, to prevent viral transmission from open/dirty food and water
  • Hepatitis B vaccinations, consist of a course of three vaccinations for long stay holidaymakers
  • Yellow Fever vaccination and certification, for a mosquito-borne illness; the vaccination requirements of certain countries mean that you may not be able to enter the country without this
  • Malaria prevention, to check the risk of malaria transmission in the area that you are travelling
  • Cholera, take two simple sachets of Dukoral to prevent you getting sick from dirty water and help boost your gastrointestinal protective organisms.


Just because you are going on holiday don’t forget your usual medicines and if you need to plan visits to the hospital whilst you are away, investigate this before you travel.  

Stock up on medications you may need such as diabetic and blood pressure medication

We also recommend packing these for for your trip:

  • Insect repellents
  • Diarrhoea/rehydration sachets if you get traveller’s belly
  • Antibiotics in case of infection or traveller’s diarrhoea when you travel to more remote areas
  • Antihistamines to help those mosquito or insect bites
  • Antibiotic creams to prevent infection from insect bites or cuts or grazes

Don’t forget to know where your closest  travel clinics or medicentres are and sign up for your health insurance before you travel.

We can help you plan for any holiday, but 'think health' before you travel.  We want you to enjoy your well-earned rest and come back fit and healthy. 

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