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This month, we want to raise £20,000 by joining Virgin Money Giving’s Captain Tom 100 Challenge, with any funds split equally between The Captain Tom Foundation and The London Clinic Charity, in support of our incredible Therapies team. Here, Carley Gee, The London Clinic’s Head of Therapies, shares how the money raised will benefit her team.

About Carley Gee

Carley has a wide range of experience and postgraduate training across the inpatient physiotherapy setting and specialises in the field of oncology. She develop and supports all areas of hospital service in times of need.
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The importance of therapy

Never has there been a period that more clearly demonstrates the need for therapy services than this last year. 

The need we have most likely all felt for someone to view us as an individual and care for us in a holistic and personalised way has been overwhelming. Whether that be psychological therapies to support mental health or physiotherapy for aches and pains gained from working from home. 

Carley Gee, Head of Therapies, in action in July 2015Carley Gee, Head of Therapies, helps a patient in July 2015.

Although these two forms of therapy may be familiar to many, we are also privileged to offer our patients aquatic therapy, occupational therapy, dietetics, complementary therapy, and speech and language therapy.

“A life worth living”

When considering a career in therapy, a family friend who is a doctor said to me: “You need to make the call, do you want to save a life or be a therapist who can make a life worth living?” 

This really resonated with me and my own personal values and, ultimately, led me to the career path I have taken to date. I have never looked back. 

And this is what The London Clinic’s Therapy services do every day – we make a life worth living through a wide variety of innovative services, processes and equipment. Not only for our patients, but in support of our staff and the wider community. 

Dedicated support for our patients

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is that my team members are amongst the few staff members who are with patients throughout their entire journey at the hospital.

We work on every clinical floor of the hospital and truly get to know our patients as individuals before, during, and long after their stay or acute episode of care. 

Lisa Cullum, Aquatic Therapy Lead (left), and Charlotte Church, Senior Physiotherapist (right), in July 2017.Lisa Cullum, Aquatic Therapy Lead (left), and Charlotte Church, Senior Physiotherapist (right), in July 2017.

We place the patient at the heart of everything we do and work very closely with the hospital’s wider multi-disciplinary teams, providing a seamless journey for our patients across multiple Therapy disciplines if required. 

This might include helping a patient improve their mobility after surgery, or by providing emotional well-being support for those who have come to the end of their cancer treatment

We tailor-make our treatments to help set realistic and individual goals for each patient, and support them in achieving these goals.

But we don’t just treat symptoms and cure; we listen, prevent, educate, treat and empower the people we see. 

The 100 Challenge

Along with continuing to help patients and improving patient care, one of the biggest goals for my team is to nurture our current and future talent, helping them to develop both personally and professionally. We’re the first to offer support to others to help them grow, but we also want to help the individuals in our team develop their skills for success. 

We’re hoping that the money raised through our second annual fundraiser, the 100 Challenge, will help us do this. 

Further information

Want to help? Our Physiotherapy team will collectively walk and run 100km in 24 hours on Friday 14 May 2021.

Sponsor the team

Interested in completing your own 100 Challenge? Learn more about the challenge and how you can help us reach our goal of £20,000 by reading this information document.

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