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Mr Charles East
Consultant Surgeon Facial Plastic Surgery
Charles East is a director of East and Badia Ltd. and a founding partner of Rhinoplasty London,dedicated to rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery.
Mr Jeremy Andrew Lavy
Consultant Ear Surgeon
Mr Jeremy Lavy is Consultant Ear Surgeon at the Royal National ENT Hospital. He specialises in surgery to reconstruct and restore hearing. He is the UK's leading stapedectomy surgeon performing between 150 and 200 stapes procedures per year (www.stapedectomy.co.uk). He also carries out cochlear implants, tympanoplasty, ossiculoplasty and mastoid surgery.
Mr Gavin A J Morrison
Consultant Otolaryngologist
Gavin Morrison addresses the full range of general ear, nose, and throat conditions, treating them medically and surgically. He has sub-specialist interests and particular experience in otology and neuro-otology, plus endoscopic sinus surgery.
Mr Theo Nanidis
Consultant Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Mr Nanidis is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon, who specialises in all forms of cancer reconstructions, in particular breast and perineal tumours. He also has a special interest in all cosmetic breast surgery, but also trunk such as tummy tucks and liposuction.
Mr Paul Roblin
Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Mr Roblin’s expertise includes both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He performs all facial cosmetic procedures, cosmetic breast surgery, body contouring surgery (including patients who have lost large amounts of weight) and liposuction.
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Mr Amir Sadri
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Amir Sadri is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon with expertise in facial surgery and rhinoplasty. He is based at the London Clinic and Great Ormond Street Hospital where he undertakes cleft lip & palate surgery. He completed his specialist training in several of London's plastic surgery centres before completing further fellowship training in aesthetic surgery and rhinoplasty.
Mr Norman Waterhouse
Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Mr Norman Waterhouse is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon specialising in facial aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery.