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Dr Thomas Britton
Consultant Neurologist
Mr Britton's sub-specialities are: neurology of general medical illness; neurological sleep disorders; movement disorders including Parkinson's disease; headaches.
Mr Irfan Malik
Consultant Neurosurgeon and Complex Spinal Surgeon
Professor Dipankar Nandi
Consultant Neurosurgeon
I am a Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgeon with expertise in DBS, stereotactic brain lesions for Movement Disorders, MGFUS (MRI-guided focused ultrasound brain lesions for tremor), Occipital Nerve Stimulation. I am also a Neuro-oncology surgeon with a regular practice in brain tumour surgery.
Dr Dominic Paviour
Consultant Neurologist
Dr Dominic Paviour is a Consultant Neurologist with a specialist interest in Parkinson's disease and movement disorders as well as general diagnostic neurology.
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