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Mr Asit Arora
ENT Airway Robotic Head & Neck Consultant Surgeon
Mr Arora is an award-winning ENT, Airway Head & Neck Consultant Surgeon with a sub-specialist tertiary referral practice in Airway Head & Neck Cancer Surgery at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals, London.Mr Arora treats all forms of ENT diseases.
Mr Nish Mehta
Consultant ENT Surgeon
Mr Nish Mehta is a consultant Ear surgeon at the Royal National ENT Hospital. He has particular expertise in restoring hearing through cochlear, middle-ear and bone conduction implants. He also undertakes stapedotomy (restoring hearing in otosclerosis), tympanoplasty (repairing ear drum holes), ossiculoplasty (repairing bones of hearing) and mastoidectomy (removing cholesteatoma).
Mr Gavin A J Morrison
Consultant Otolaryngologist
Gavin Morrison addresses the full range of general ear, nose, and throat conditions, treating them medically and surgically. He has sub-specialist interests and particular experience in otology and neuro-otology, plus endoscopic sinus surgery.