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The London Clinic


  • Neurosurgery and Spinal Surgery

Sub specialties

  • General Neurosurgery
  • Oncological Neurosurgery
  • Awake surgery for brain tumours
  • Multimodality image guidance for brain tumour surgery
  • Brain tumour biopsies under local anaesthesia

Clinical interests

  • Radical resection of brain tumours in inaccessible parts of the brain

Professional profile

Mr Apostolopoulos is a Consultant Neurosurgeon sub-specialising in brain tumour surgery. He completed his neurosurgical training in London.

During the period of his neurosurgical training he also completed his Doctorate Degree in Real time navigation for brain tumour surgery at Imperial College London.

On completion of his neurosurgical training he was appointed as a Senior Fellow at the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons Fellowship in Brain Tumour Surgery at Southampton University Hospital, which he completed in June 2014 and he was awarded the Royal College of Surgeons Certificate in Brain Tumour Surgery.

Since 2015 he has been a Consultant Oncological Neurosurgeon at the famous John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. His work is strictly focused in brain tumour surgery and he undertakes complex operations including awake surgery for resection of tumours located in inaccessible parts of the brain.

Mr Apostolopoulos has performed more than a 1000 brain tumour operations, has enormous experience in awake surgery and he is amongst the surgeons with the highest number of awake operations/year in the UK.

To enhance his surgical results apart from the usage of state of the art brain navigation he also collaborates with an Oxford Consultant Anaesthetist with enormous experience in awake surgery and also involves a top Oxford University Neuroscientist specialising in brain tractography and intraoperative clinical assessments of awake patients during operations.

He has been and is currently faculty in national and international courses in brain tumour surgery and intraoperative navigation for brain tumour surgery.

He carried out research on advanced real-time intraoperative brain navigation needed to carry out safe brain tumour surgery. He is currently involved in national and international research looking to improve the outcomes of patients with brain tumours by applying novel treatments.

He contributed in writing chapters in Neurosurgery textbooks, and he is involved with the teaching of the Oxford medical students on a regular basis.

The great results of his work are based not only on the technical aspects of the operations, but also on his meticulous approach for every aspect of the overall management of his patients. He is also a believer that the outcome of any treatment can be further enhanced by sincere and friendly communication with the patients and their families.

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Conditions treated

Current posts

  • Consultant Oncological Neurosurgeon
    Oxford University Hospitals
  • Consultant Oncological Neurosurgeon
    The Nuffield Manor Hospital, Oxford

Current teaching posts

  • Nuffield Dept of Clinical Neuroscience
    University of Oxford

Medical training

Year qualified
  • UMFT Timisoara, Romania

Other languages spoken


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